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  • It was a news-filled week for the markets and the business the world in general; major deals, wild gyrations, price slides and some major worries. But some fun things happened too. Click ahead to see what we believe are the more significant events of the past week.

    It was a news-filled week for the markets and the business world in general. Click ahead to see what we believe are the more significant business events of the past week.

  • Google

    Google’s board has approved a 2-for-1 stock split, effectively lowering the already-low voting rights of average investors. But with its future earnings potential, analyst Mark Mahaney from Citi asks, so what?

  • Google & Apple: The Race to $1000

    CNBC's Herb Greenberg discusses whether Google will beat Apple to the $1000 per share mark.

  • Google's homepage with customizable background

    Away from the controversy over Google’s decision to lower the already-low voting rights of average investors, try this one on: Google’s stock has a chance to beat Apple to the $1,000 finish line.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive officer of Facebook Inc.

    Both tech titans are setting a dangerous precedent that could eventually end very badly for long-term holders, according to several investors and corporate governance experts.

  • Searching Google's Numbers

    Discussing how Google's earnings announcements could impact the stock and company, with Ben Schachter, Macquarie Securities internet analyst. Gerard Cassidy, RBC Capital Markets analyst and CNBC's Kate Kelly, also weigh in on JPMorgan earnings beating the Street.

  • computer-hackers.jpg

    With the technology industry booming (or at least bouncing back), some technology companies are dangling perks such as free food, gym memberships and stock options. For others, they’re looking to set themselves apart by tapping into people’s gaming instincts.

  • Solar plant

    A glut in solar panels has driven down prices, and the oversupply may take a while to clear, according to industry executives. At the same time, low-cost natural gas is making gas-fired plants more attractive. the New York Times reports.

  • Two of Wall Street's biggest banks reported profit that beat analyst expectations, but concerns about the quality of the profit dragged down shares and helped add to losses for stock futures.

  • Google Unveils Stock Split Plan

    Google beat earnings expectations, but the real story is the power play by Google's co-founders. Steven Levy, Wired Magazine, explains why.

  • market-insider-stocks-to-watch-200.jpg

    Take a look at some of Friday’s morning movers:

  • apple_iphone_tv_200.jpg

    Struggling tech companies have failed to acquire "cult" status in an oversaturated market and the successes of Google, Facebook and Apple in particular are largely due to their massive followings in a "cult-based economy", Keith Woolcock, Partner at 5th Column Ideas, told CNBC.

  • Google

    In the wake of the now infamous Google "founders," expect to hear more griping that Silicon Valley live by its own set of rules.

  • Google Search

    Tonight’s top stories: Markets bounce back after down spell, Dow has best day in a month.  Wall Street reaction to Google’s two for one stock split. Best Buy investigation into CEO behavior continues. Will we see a black CAT on Friday the 13th? Video game sales continue decline.

  • New York Stock Exchange

    Earnings from J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo could help set the course for stocks Friday, as markets head to the finish line of a volatile week.

  • If it was intended to assuage Wall Street, it didn't work. In fact, some of the Fast pros think Google's stock split may send investors running for the exits.

  • Google Headquarters

    On Thursday, Google beat earnings and announced plans to issue a dividend — in the form of a new class of nonvoting stock.

  • Sony Corporation's headquarters in Tokyo

    The problem with Sony's reorganization is it seems structured for yesterday's problems, not tomorrow's

  • Stocks rallied for a second session Thursday, recouping from the recent selloff, boosted by stronger prospects for GDP growth in China and amid hopes for further monetary easing.

  • Google's Q1 Earnings & Stock Split

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on Google's 2-for-1 stock split and its impact on shareholders. Also, breaking down the tech giant's Q1 numbers and click rate, with Colin Gillis, BGC Financial senior technology analyst, and CNBC's Jon Fortt. And the Fast Money crew discusses after-hours action in Coinstar and how to play it.