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  • Shoppers Spend $5.5 Billion on Small Business Saturday Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012 | 9:47 AM ET
    Chloe Sevigny record shopping on small business Sunday.

    Despite lingering economic worries, Small Business Saturday sales data is slightly better than expected. A look at the numbers.

  • Thousands of small stores across the U.S. will offer their own discounts and promotions to draw holiday shoppers on what's known as Small Business Saturday.

  • Take That Scrooge! Corporate Gift Giving on Rise Tuesday, 20 Nov 2012 | 11:04 AM ET

    Corporate gift giving has never been trickier. Despite this, the value of gifts given to clients is on the rise.

  • 5 technologies that will change how you shop Monday, 12 Nov 2012 | 8:01 PM ET

    Compare Gift Cards » 5 Ways Technology Will Change Gift Cards. 1 2 3 4 5 6> The end of plastic?

  • Will 'This' Change How You Invest in Banks? Friday, 2 Nov 2012 | 10:36 AM ET

    The Amex and Wal-Mart venture could change what it means for the long-term viability of the prepaid card market’s old guard.

  • Is This App the Next Big Thing in Mobile Payments? Friday, 19 Oct 2012 | 5:35 PM ET

    Some major wireless companies are betting big on mobile payments and they are about to find out if their gamble will pay off.

  • Google issues a bad report early, hurting Nasdaq Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 | 4:09 PM ET

    NEW YORK-- Google plummeted almost $80 per share, more than 10 percent, and trading in the stock was halted two and a half hours Thursday after a disappointing earnings report was published ahead of schedule and surprised investors. Google was trading at $754 per share at 12:30 p.m. EDT, then fell almost $20 in a minute after investors saw the report, a draft.

  • What Should Investors Do With AmEx Now? Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 | 3:43 PM ET

    After American Express reported ongoing deceleration in cardmember spending, one analyst is suggesting that investors look elsewhere in the sector for earnings momentum.

  • Stocks slip after Google earnings, jobless claims Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 | 2:43 PM ET

    Google plunged 9 percent after it accidentally released a weak earnings report hours ahead of schedule. "This is a market that's waiting for a clear catalyst," said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial. Google's stock dropped $68.19 to $687.30 before trading was suspended.

  • Stocks wobble after Amex earnings, jobless claims Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 | 10:23 AM ET

    NEW YORK-- The stock market headed slightly lower on Thursday, following a leap in claims for unemployment benefits and weak results from American Express. The increase suggested that layoffs were increasing, however the Labor Department noted that there were technical reasons behind the swing, mainly delayed figures from one large state, California.

  • American Express Q3 Earnings Meets Estimates     Thursday, 18 Oct 2012 | 6:20 AM ET

    David Darst, Guggenheim Securities managing director, breaks down the numbers on the company's third quarter earnings, and why he downgraded AXP to "Neutral."

  • News Summary: American Express profit rose in 3Q Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 8:51 PM ET

    THE RESULTS: American Express' net income rose 1 percent in the third quarter to $1.25 billion, or $1.09 per share. That compares with net income of $1.24 billion, or $1.03 per share, in the same quarter last year. BAD LOANS: American Express' delinquency rate was flat compared to the second quarter.

  • On the Call: American Express CFO Dan Henry Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 8:21 PM ET

    American Express Co. launched a digital payments platform last year aimed at competing with bank debit cards and other prepaid cards. The program, dubbed Serve, allows customers to open an online prepaid account that can be funded using a bank account, an American Express card or another credit card.

  • Winning Plays in Sports Stocks     Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 5:30 PM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the details from American Express' conference call; and Nike, RadioShack and Anheuser-Busch are all announcing that they are cutting ties with cyclist Lance Armstrong, with Mellody Hobson, Ariel Investments president.

  • Target to Match Online Pricing     Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 4:31 PM ET

    Discussing whether Target's latest move will be good or bad for the company's margins, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan & Herb Greenberg, and Burt Flickinger, Strategic Resource Insight Group.

  • American Express profit inches higher in 3Q Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 4:21 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES-- American Express Co. said Wednesday that its net income rose 1 percent in the third quarter, aided by lower expenses and increased spending by the credit card issuer's customers. In the second quarter, American Express' revenue grew 5 percent from a year earlier.

  • BB&T to create 1,700 jobs near Greensboro, NC Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012 | 12:42 AM ET

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- BB&T Corp. says it will create 1,700 new jobs over five years in a large back-office operation near Piedmont Triad International Airport. The bank said Tuesday that it has signed a seven-year sublease to take over a former American Express Co. call center in Greensboro.

  • News Summary: Stocks rise on Tuesday Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | 3:44 PM ET

    ANOTHER UP DAY: Stocks rose for the second day in a row, helped by stronger-than-expected earnings from companies including Mattel and Goldman Sachs. ECONOMIC NEWS: The government said September inflation was low, with most increases because of gasoline prices, which have come down since then.

  • Earnings schedule for week of 10/15/2012 Friday, 12 Oct 2012 | 6:30 PM ET

    Citigroup Inc. reports quarterly financial results. CSX Corp. reports quarterly financial results. Intel Corp. reports quarterly financial results.

  • U.S. companies as diverse as chipmaker Intel Corp and printer Quad/Graphics Inc have opened in-house health clinics with doctors, nurses and even dentists to diagnose suspicious symptoms, write prescriptions and more. "We were beginning to see... growing chronic conditions in our population," says Tami Graham, director of global benefits for Intel. "