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  • JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and other big banks are upgrading their online payment services to let customers make instant transfers of money to others who bank elsewhere, often at no cost. The only option bank customers often had to send money instantly to another person was a wire transfer, which can cost upward of $30 at a branch, or to use a service like Western...

  • Banks are rising after Fed Chair Janet Yellen confirmed that the central bank intends to keep raising interest rates provided the economy keeps improving. Verizon reportedly agreed in principle to a new contract with striking employees, and telecom stocks edged higher. YELLEN: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says it will be "appropriate" to raise interest...

  • Verizon Yahoo

    Verizon is working on its bid for Yahoo's core assets with an investment bank which was, as recently as last year, one of the company's top advisers.

  • Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

    Market fears are being scaled back globally, and it's great news for banks in the U.S. and abroad.

  • A Wells Fargo home mortgage office in San Francisco.

    The nation's largest lender, Wells Fargo, is offering a new mortgage with a 3 percent down payment requirement. What gives?

  • Man on corner of Wall Street train stop on phone

    Big banks have social media teams to rival newsrooms’ staffing abilities—and budgets.

  • Wells Fargo

    The bank's need for reserves to offset losses on oil and gas companies could rise in 2016, executives warn.

  • NEW YORK— U.S. stocks made their biggest gain since March on Tuesday as technology companies like Apple and Microsoft soared. Stocks opened higher following hefty gains in Europe. "A little bit of good data has reminded people that things are actually OK," said David Lefkowitz, senior equity strategist at UBS Wealth Management.

  • US appeals court revives Libor lawsuits

    An appeals court determines that price-fixing collusion among competitors is a violation of antitrust law.

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    The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan reversed a lower court judge's dismissal of investors' antitrust claims against 16 banks.

  • Staples store

    Shares of Staples popped Monday after analysts upgraded the stock to "buy", and the Sunday Times reported new moves in its sale of European assets.

  • Bank of America $1.27 billion fine overturned

    A U.S. appeals court threw out Bank of America's $1.27 billion penalty in a fraud case. CNBC's Diana Olick reports the details.

  • Traders work at the Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    The bank has redefined itself in the wake of the global financial crisis, and Goldman Sachs feels fine.

  • Bank of America Corp. ATMs outside of the Bank of America Plaza tower in Los Angeles, California.

    A federal appeals court has reversed a jury's finding that Bank of America was liable for fraud for its actions before the economy collapsed in 2008.

  • NEW YORK— Bank of America Corp. was not liable for fraud and subject to a penalty of more than $1.2 billion for its actions before the economy collapsed in 2008 despite a jury's finding to the contrary, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said there was insufficient evidence for a jury to conclude at a 2013 trial...

  • New York-based boutique bank Ducera Partners will score a monster payday if $62B the Bayer-Monsanto deal goes through.

  • Oracle

    TIAA Global Asset Management's Stephanie Link on how to spot a value pick, and 2 names she recommends buying.

  • Fintech

    Wall Street banks remain positioned well against fintech's onslaught, a report says... for now.

  • "It's sort of a situation where nobody, really, is going to end up looking good," said James Stevenson, director of North American coal for analyst firm IHS. Nationwide, self-bonding in the coal-mining industry tops $3.3 billion. That includes $2.3 billion in IOUs that the three biggest bankrupt coal companies— Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal and Peabody— owe in...

  • A stock that can handle anything from the Federal Reserve

    Jim Cramer looks at a tech company with growth that means it can thrive in any environment