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Berkshire Hathaway Inc


  • Options Bearish on This Insurance Stock Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 | 3:17 PM ET

    Principal Financial Group is seeing bearish options activity, as February puts trade with volume more than triple the previous open interest.

  • 080514_whats_buffett_buying.jpg

    Exactly four months ago today, on October 17, Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times with one of his rare advisories for investors: "Buy American. I Am."  He explained how falling stock prices had prompted him to pick up U.S. stocks at bargain prices .. for his personal account.  Later today (Tuesday), we'll get the answer to a key question: Was Buffett also buying U.S. stocks for Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio at the same time?

  • Buy Berkshire Hathaway? CNBC's On-Air Debate Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | 3:05 PM ET

    Should ordinary investors try to follow Warren Buffett by purchasing shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock?  Recently, CNBC's Maria Bartiromo hosted a debate on Closing Bell between Thomas Russo of Gartner, Russo and Gartner and Hake Capital Management's Mark Hake. Here's the video clip.

  • Warren Buffett Goes Shopping at Tiffany's Friday, 13 Feb 2009 | 5:49 PM ET

    Warren Buffett has been doing some shopping at Tiffany's just before Valentine's Day, but he's not taking anything home in a baby-blue shopping bag.  In a filing with the SEC today, Tiffany says it has sold $250 million of debt to some Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries.

  • 090210_warren_buffett_constellation.jpg

    Berkshire Hathaway has been steadily reducing its holdings in Constellation Energy, after receiving almost 20 million shares in mid-December as part of its break-up fee.

  • 090205_SwissRe_HQ.jpg

    Warren Buffett says he is "delighted" to have an opportunity to increase Berkshire Hathaway's investment in Swiss Re by 3 billion Swiss francs, or about $2.6 billion.  Berkshire's cash infusion is seen as a vote of confidence in the troubled reinsurer, which is bolstering its capital position in an effort to save its credit rating.  As usual, however, Buffett will be well paid for his support.

  • Fortune Magazine's Carol Loomis, a journalist with especially strong ties to Warren Buffett, writes that a metric favored by the Omaha billionaire is now signaling it's time to buy stocks.

  • Alice Schroeder, author of Bantam Dell's

    Warren Buffett's authorized biographer will not be hosting a "sage advice" dinner featuring the Omaha billionaire at this year's Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, bringing a decade-long tradition to an end. Since 1998, Snowball author Alice Schroeder has invited up to several hundred guests to hear Buffett answer questions in an informal, off-the-record, event.  The New York Times reports that Buffett has canceled this year's dinner, "apparently because of his displeasure with some aspects" of Schroeder's book.

  • Warren Buffet

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will invest $300 million in motorcycle-maker Harley-Davidson, getting a very impressive 15 percent annual interest rate for its money.  While Buffett is getting well paid for taking on the risk, it does appear to be a vote of confidence in the ability of Harley, and its well-known brand, to survive the current economic downturn.

  • 070807_BurlingtonNorthernMixedFreight.jpg

    Warren Buffett's stake in Burlington Northern Santa Fe has reached 22.4 percent, with a new options-related stock purchase of over two million shares.

  • Buffett Basher Plans Trip to Omaha for Annual Meeting Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009 | 8:53 PM ET

    In a follow-up to his controversial "End of Buffett" post, short seller Doug Kass says he didn't mean to understate Buffett's remarkable investment achievements over the years.  But Kass does stand by his argument that Buffett's investment strategy is "stale" and the billionaire's best days are behind him.  And he's thinking about taking a trip to Omaha.

  • Doug Kass Sees The "End" of Warren Buffett Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 | 4:44 PM ET

    Just days after renewing his public criticism of Warren Buffett's current investment strategy and situation, the well-known short seller Doug Kass is out with a very bearish outlook for Berkshire Hathaway shares.  And this time he's not just making a short-term prediction as he did last year when he bet against Berkshire's stock for several months and then covered that bet at a profit.  Now, Kass is talking about the "end" of Warren Buffett.

  • Former AIG Exec Slapped with Four-Year Sentence Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009 | 2:36 PM ET

    A former executive of American International Group has been sentenced to four years in prison in a fraud case that authorities say cost shareholders more than $500 million.

  • Constellation

    A unit of Warren Buffett's company has sold 2.7 million of the roughly 20 million shares of Constellation Energy Group it received when Constellation rejected a takeover bid last month.

  • Doug Kass

    Doug Kass, the short seller who came out ahead by betting against Berkshire Hathaway last year, has some new criticism of Warren Buffett and his investment style.  "In 2008 and (so far) 2009, The Oracle of Omaha has been wrong; it has paid to bet against America."

  • Warren Buffett, in a taped interview with Susie Gharib of National Business Report on PBS

    Warren Buffett sat down recently for a taped interview with Susie Gharib of Nightly Business Report to mark the PBS program's 30th anniverary tonight.  In the conversation, Buffett hints Berkshire Hathaway might buy back some of its stock since it has fallen so sharply from its highs.  He also says the credit crunch is easing but business conditions are getting worse.  This is a transcript of that entire interview, as provided to us by NBR.

  • Warren Buffett says the credit crunch has eased in the last month, but business has "really slowed down" as fearful U.S. consumers cut back on spending.  In an interview to air tonight on PBS, Buffett tells Nightly Business Report that the recession won't be ending anytime soon.  He also answers questions about Bernard Madoff and the idea of buying back Berkshire Hathaway's stock.

  • 070807_BurlingtonNorthernMixedFreight.jpg

    If Warren Buffett liked Burlington Northern Santa Fe in the high $70s, he must love it in the low $60s.  Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reports in an SEC filing tonight that it bought almost 4.4 million shares in the freight railroad over the last three trading days at prices between $61.65 and $63.43.

  • 090119_Buffett_Brokaw_Seate.jpg

    Download a PDF transcript of Warren Buffett and Tom Brokaw's complete interview focusing on Barack Obama for Dateline NBC.

  • UPDATED WITH VIDEO CLIPS.  Dateline NBC aired portions last night (Sunday) of an interview with Warren Buffett by Tom Brokaw.  Buffett tells Brokaw that Barack Obama is the right "commander in chief for the economy" but warns that no one should expect a "miracle" turnaround in the next few months.   The two men also covered many other topics, including Obama's leadership style, excessive executive compensation, the challenges facing Detroit's automakers, China, and the role of greed in good times and bad.  This is the second part of the complete transcript of that interview, as provided by NBC News.