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  • Stocks ended relatively flat Friday after a disappointing GDP report but the Dow logged its best month in a year, rising more than 7 percent.

  • Stocks see-sawed after economic readings on consumer sentiment and business activity offset disappointment with a lower-than-expected GDP report.

  • Li Lu

    Charlie Munger has told the Wall Street Journal that "in my mind, it is a foregone conclusion" that Chinese investor Li Lu will become one of Berkshire Hathaway's top decision makers on investments.  Based on hints in the article from Buffett himself, that could happen sooner rather than later.

  • Warren Buffett

    Most people consider Warren Buffett a value investor, but his methods aren't so simple. His style has evolved over the years and incorporated strategies of growth investing. To earn high returns as Buffett has, an investor needs to go beyond price-to-earnings ratios or other metrics commonly followed by value investors.  A report from TheStreet.

  • Blizz Frozen Yogurt's 'Blizzberry'

    Warren Buffett's Dairy Queen is in a legal fight with a southern California frozen yogurt company that pits the 'Blizzard' against the 'Blizzberry.'

  • Wall Street

    An economy that has yet to show signs of a sustained recovery is providing little reward for investors looking to take risks, Travelers President and CEO Jay Fishman said.

  • Steve Jobs talking about iPhone4 customer satisfaction at news conference on July 16, 2010.

    The enthusiasm of those faithful to Apple’s products is the envy of many. It was a company that many thought could do no wrong, but it is now one on the defense and for good reason. Looks like innovation sometimes runs into bumps like inadequately tested products. And now Apple is paying the price for a phone with issues.

  • Warren Buffett discusses the economy with President Barack Obama during an Oval Office meeting on July 14, 2010.

    President Barack Obama reveals to NBC News what Warren Buffett told him about the economy when the two men sat down at the White House earlier this week.

  • Big bank stocks: Unless we get shocking news in the next day or so, it's already clear what's going on. The good news: 1) credit is better; 2) there's higher capital, higher reserves. Now the bad news...

  • Book cover of When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson

    Warren Buffett tells CNBC today that he'd "never heard" of an obscure 35-year-old book on German hyperinflation in the 1920s until a reporter called a few days ago to ask about a report he's recommending it to friends.

  • Warren Buffett with President Barack Obama at the White House

    Warren Buffett got a sit-down meeting with President Obama at the White House, complete with a new tie.  A White House official says Obama noticed that Buffett's tie was frayed when he arrived to discuss the economy and job creation.  That prompted the president to give Buffett a new, gift-wrapped red tie.

  • Cramer went Off the Charts to find out.

  • Forest River President and CEO Peter Liegl.

    A former executive of Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Forest River, who claims he "lost his job and had his reputation destroyed" because he followed Berkshire's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, wants Warren Buffett to be questioned under oath in the case.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been downgraded to 'sell' by Stifel Nicolaus analyst Meyer Shields and his team.  Shields previously had a 'hold' recommendation on the stock.  He discussed his call in a live appearance on CNBC's Fast Money Halftime today.

  • Our Fast Money traders are looking at the fundamentals of individual stocks—here's their faves!

  • Tony Hayward and Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett says Tony Hayward should not continue as BP's CEO, so that the American people can "feel better" about the company's response to its massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  In a videtaped interview with Willow Bay for the Huffington Post and Yahoo News, Buffett says it is not in the interest of either BP or the nation for Hayward to keep his job.

  • Michael Cuggino, president of Permanent Portfolio Funds, told CNBC on Friday he likes the higher yields of dividend paying stocks, and noted they offer many ways to earn a return. David Dietze, president of Point View Financial Services, strongly disagreed.

  • Warren Buffett

    Anytime a company becomes less of what it was, investors need to rethink how it's valued and why they own it. If nothing else, it's an important discussion point that takes nothing away from Berkshire or Warren Buffett.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, along with other companies in similar circumstances, won't have to put up any collateral for existing derivatives contracts, according to a letter written by two of the key FinReg lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

  • Bill Gates, left, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett pose for a picture after a press conference Monday, June 26, 2006 in New York.  Warren Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, recently announced his intention of giving 10 million shares of his company to charitable organizations, the majority going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

    Warren Buffett's annual gift of Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is worth about $1.6 billion dollars this time around, lifting his total donation to $8 billion over five years .. and there's more to come.