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  • Stocks closed moderately lower, but well off session lows as investors went bargain hunting. "The market is trying to settle in at some level," says Barry Hyman, Equity Market Strategist at EKN Financial Services.  "There is a perception of change and there's a lot of nervous money still out here. "

  • The fact that Cramer wants you in this sector may confuse you. Yes, we know, this group is responsible for the subprime-lending problem we’re seeing today, but this could end up helping investors.

  • Ameriquest, the privately held subprime lender reported to be seeking to sell itself, is in advanced negotiations with a "potential partner," a spokesman said on Tuesday.

  • In an interview with CNBC, former Citigroup Chief Executive Sandy Weill declined to comment on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation into its accounting and tax reserves and releases related to its $31 billion purchase in 2000 of Associates First Capital.

  • Stocks closed lower on concerns about economic growth and a rise in crude oil to its highest levels of the year. "Even with the corrective action we've seen since last week, consolidation is occurring in an orderly manner and that's positive," Gene Peroni, Senior Managing Director of Equity Research at Claymore Advisors, told

  • Nasdaq’s Big Oops: As Prince would say - tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999. Or 2000. Or in this case, neither. The Nasdaq Composite Index did have a brief, if fictional, return to the glory days this morning. As I was observing my magic market spreadsheet, the “new high” indicator started flashing, indicated that the Nasdaq Composite had soared to a record...

  • Citigroup said it will rebrand itself as "Citi" and sell its trademark red umbrella to St. Paul Travelers.

  • Stocks finished lower as new worries about the mortgage lending market depressed financial shares and a late surge in oil prices drove energy stocks higher. "Crude rallied 4% in 10 minutes and it just turned energy stocks on a dime," said Michael Driscoll, Senior Managing Director in Equity Trading at Bear Stearns.

  • On Wall Street, there’s a guilty pleasure in watching the rich and powerful stumble.  After the resignation Dell Chief Executive Kevin Rollins, many investors began quietly asking where the axe might fall next. Jon Ogg, the editor of 24/7 Wall, has accurately predicted changes at the helm of Home Depot, Gap and, as we mentioned, Dell. Today on CNBC’s “Street Signs,” we asked the question that everyone is wondering.

  • Citigroup has underperformed compared to its banking counterparts--as its stock overs near $54. Investors, not the least of which is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal--continue to demand better performance either through a personnel shake-up or company break-up. And therein lies the question: Is Citigroup’s problem one of management or model?

  • It's Feb. 1, and the February sweeps period has officially started. Fox always gets a boost this time of year from American Idol, but the network isn't sitting on its laurels. It's counting on one of its new shows to bolster the sweeps period -- a game show, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?". I'm not kidding ...

  • ELA

    A not so shameless plug here as we'd like to toot our own horn--as we honor others. Last night, CNBC held it's third annual Executive Leadership Awards dinner--to recognize business leaders who make a difference. The event was at the Pierre Hotel in New York City--and CNBC's Melissa Lee covered it for "Squawk Box."

  • How Big A Deal Is A Big Deal? Monday morning is traditionally the time we get the most merger and acquisition news - hence the often used (and overused) term “Merger Monday”. But how big a deal should we make over a deal? 

  • Citigroup  has agreed to buy British insurer Prudential's  loss-making Internet bank Egg for 575 million pounds ($1.13 billion) in cash, the two sides said on Monday.

  • Citigroup  has agreed to buy British insurer Prudential's  loss-making Internet bank Egg for 575 million pounds ($1.13 billion) in cash, the two sides said on Monday.

  • The days of Enron and WorldCom-sized corporate malfeasance scandals may seem like they just ended, but another debate regarding corporate ethics is reaching critical mass in boardrooms across the country – the issue of executive compensation. Adding fuel to the fire were the recent lucrative severance packages for Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli ($210 million) and Pfizer  CEO Hank McKinnell...

  • Stocks ended sharply lower after a day long selling spree, sparked by worries corporate earnings growth is showing signs of weakening.

  • Citigroup said Sallie Krawcheck, its chief financial officer, is being reassigned to become chairman and chief executive of its global wealth management division.

  • Citigroup said on Monday that it will buy ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, an originator and servicer of U.S. prime residential mortgage loans.

  • "We think we're getting close to a top," said Bill Strazzullo, chief market strategist for Bell Curve Trading. "The problem is the market is counting on this booster shot of lower interest rates and some of that has been taken out."