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  • Cruise Doctor Talks Ship's Health Concerns

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera looks at the mess on board the Carnival Triumph. And Dr. Rodney Samaan talks about health concerns that arise on a cruise ship that's lost power. Are those health concerns serious or just more of a big inconvenience?

  • Some of the names on the move ahead of the open.

  • Would You Cruise Again?

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera talks to passengers who were stuck on board the Carnival Triumph after it lost power in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The crippled cruise liner Carnival Triumph limps into port guided by tug boats February 14, 2013 in Mobile, Alabama.

    As the Carnival Triumph inches toward port, attention is turning to what rights its passengers have. But the cruise industry receives less oversight than the airline industry. The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Carnival's Major Failure

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on the impact of the Carnival Triumph mess on Carnival Corp. stock. What happens when the day's news coverage begins to hit the airwaves? Will people continue to book cruise vacations? With Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP, CNBC's Joe Kernen & Becky Quick.

  • Cruise Ship Towed to Mobile, AL

    Thousands of relieved passengers poured ashore from a stinking cruise ship on Friday after five days adrift in the Gulf of Mexico with overflowing toilets and stench filled cabins.

  • Reeking of raw sewage, a crippled cruise ship carrying more than 4,200 people docked at a port in Mobile, Alabama, on Thursday.

  • Cruise Nightmare

    NBC's Jay Gray reports Carnival will be reimbursing the passengers for their expenses of the cruise, and also $500; and Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Manhattan Institute senior fellow; and CNBC Contributors James Pethokoukis and Dan Greenhaus, weigh in.

  • Stocks finished flat after hugging the flatline for most of the session in lackluster trading Thursday, as disappointing economic data from the euro zone overshadowed optimism over an upbeat jobless claims report and a flurry of M&A announcements.

  • Carnival Cruise Damage Control

    The Carnival Triumph will now take 7-10 hours in order to dock the vessel, and 4-5 hours for passengers to disembark the ship, with CNBC's Simon Hobbs and NBC's Jay Gray; and Andrew Stoltmann of the Stoltmann Law Offices, says passengers can sue Carnival, but that they will have to show a physical injury.

  • The cruise ship Carnival Triumph sits idle February 11, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Based on accounts by some passengers, cleaning up the cruise liner Triumph is likely to take a lot of work. The job pales in comparison to the all-hands-on-deck effort it will take to scrub the company's reputation.

  • Port Authority: Triumph's Night Arrival Could Be Difficult

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports the 4 tugboats are again pulling the Carnival Triumph, but that the cruise ship still may not be able to dock once it reaches Mobile Bay in Alabama.

  • The cruise ship Carnival Triumph sits idle February 11, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Carnival warned that the Triumph mishap will reduce its earnings and canceled a dozen more cruises aboard the ship.

  • Carnival Cruise Passenger on Conditions

    NBC's Jay Gray reports the Carnival Triumph has stopped off the Alabama coast due to a broken towline; and Ed Buck is currently a Carnival Triumph passenger, and offers insight on the conditions of the boat. Also, Bridgit Aplin is a family member of passengers, and shares what she has heard from there.

  • CNBC's Robert Frank reports that the world's largest private yacht, owned by a reclusive Russian billionaire, is docked in Manhattan. The question is why? (1:44)

  • Future Cruise Traffic Affected?

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports one of the four tugboats pulling the Carnival Triumph has broke. CruiseCritic.com editor-in-chief Carolyn Spender Brown, shares her opinions on whether this story will affect future cruise traffic.

  • Tug Boats Pulling Carnival Ship to Port

    The Carnival Triumph is being towed into port in Mobile, Alabama, with NBC's Janet Shamlian and U.S. Coast Guard Bobby Nash. Paul Argenti, Dartmouth Professor of Corporate Communication and Gene Sloan, The Cruise Log, weigh in on what kind of damage could be done to Carnival's reputation.

  • Cruising For a Bruising

    Discussing what the stranded Carnival cruise will do to the company and the cruise industry as a whole, with Jaime Katz, Morningstar equity analyst. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports the latest on Carnival Triumph.

  • Stranded Cruise Ship Brought to Port

    Jay Herring, former senior information systems officer at Carnival Cruise Lines, weighs in on the Carnival Cruise disaster.

  • Disabled Carnival Ship Towed to Dixie

    The Carnival Triumph has been without power for five days. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports as the ship is supposed to dock in Mobile, AL, today.