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  • Goldman Sachs is the world’s largest – and most successful – investment bank. But it has seen a growing reliance on income generated from trading in recent years. Some Wall Street analysts are saying this makes the firm actually more like a hedge fund, and therefore more vulnerable to implosion. So--is Goldman just a giant hedge fund disguised as an investment bank?

  • Bear Stearns joins Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley as Wall Street banks announcing big bonuses.

  • Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 ended the day higher – with the Dow setting another record, closing up 30 points and the S&P up 3 – all this despite worrisome economic data coming in the form of a rise in wholesale prices and a decline in housing permits. The NASDAQ couldn’t keep up, falling 6 points on continued weakness in the technology sector.

  • The NASD said in a complaint that Morgan Stanley routinely failed to provide e-mails requested by claimants in arbitration cases, as well as by regulators.

  • Stocks closed mostly higher as investors shrugged off the latest inflation news and energy shares rallied on strength in crude prices.

  • What Does It All Mean? As Breaking News Producer, it’s often my job to answer that very question. Sometimes, unfortunately, the best answer is: “beats me!”. That most often happens when a tiny piece of information on an ongoing story finds its way to us. Example: We were already following the story of the Thailand stock market’s 15% collapse.....

  • Morgan Stanley shares set new 5-year highs after the company  said it will spin off its Discover credit-card division and posted better-than-expected quarterly results on strong banking and trading.

  • Stocks look set to open lower after a sell off in energy and tech took the wind out of the year end rally yesterday, despite nearly $90 billion in deal announcements. Investors will be closely watching the ripple effect in emerging markets from Thailand's clampdown overnight on speculation in the baht....

  • Morgan Stanley gave chief executive John Mack $40 million in stock and options for 2006, reflecting the largest bonus awarded to a Wall Street CEO.

  • Now we know why ABC didn't join the other entertainment companies to launch a new video content site: ABC is becoming Yahoo! News main content partner. Expanding a 2005 deal for ABC News to provide ad-supported video to Yahoo! users, this new deal will provide twice as much content to Yahoo! News, including breaking news stories and features from ABC's blue chip content - stuff from Good Morning America, 20/20 etc.

  • Citigroup has agreed to buy wealth manager Quilter from rival Morgan Stanley as it seeks to expand in the UK, the companies said.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    Gaming is one of the best-performing sectors recently. Investors, Wall Street and private equity are all eyeing these – supposedly – recession-proof stocks. The constant cash flow is pretty attractive, too. But what’s interesting is that casinos stocks seem to be on the rise despite some less than stellar earnings.

  • Goldman Sachs will pay about 50 executives bonuses of $25 million or more, according to CNBC's Charles Gasparino.