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  • Plus, why copper is not a bubble. Nor is gold.

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    Grab the crayons and the kids' menus, families are dining out again. Restaurant visits from families or parties with children this past summer rose after three years of declining traffic, according to market researcher NPD Group.

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    Darden Restaurants, the operator of LongHorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, has never been one to look for a short-term pop from using discounts to lure diners into its restaurants, but that strategy can sometimes be tough for investors to swallow. As consumers begin dining out more, Darden's competitors have been easing off the discounts, and they've been seeing a big boost in their average check. This means it's not so easy for Dardent to outshine its rivals, and Darden's shares are taking a hit as a result. Chairman and CEO Clarence Otis defends the company's peformance in the latest quarter.

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    As the FDA continues to take testimony over whether a genetically engineered salmon by Aqua Bounty is safe to eat, environmentally sound to raise, and whether it requires special labeling, there is a bigger question.  Would anyone eat it?

  • What follows is a roundup of corporate earnings reports for Tuesday, Sept. 21.

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    Stocks crossed an important threshold Monday to close sharply higher, but technicians are seeing mixed signals in the recent action.

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  • Stocks were mixed Friday after a report on consumer sentiment dampened recent signs of economic growth. Art Hogan, global equity product director at Jefferies, discussed his insights.

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  • The fact that the euro rallied Thursday and the S&P didn’t is extraordinarily negative, says Guy Adami. It seems to me that we’re on the edge of something.

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  • Darden Restaurants, the Number 1 casual restaurant chain in the United States, which has reported down quarters over the last 12 months, expects earnings growth of 15 percent to 18 percent in 2011.

  • Big battle between the deficit hawks and doves in Europe is becoming very public ahead of the G20 meeting this weekend. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sticking to her plan to cut spending, despite criticism from George Soros. Even President Obama has warned against withdrawing stimulus too soon.

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    Red Lobster will soon take oysters off its menu, after its supplier was forced to shut down due to oil spill in the Gulf.

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    John Tesvich is president of Ameripure Processing Company and had to lay off 48 people at his firm which shut down and told Darden Restaurants  that Ameripure could no longer supply them with oysters.

  • A number of reports coming next week might tell us what to expect come July.

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