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  • Hewlett Packard

    Investors of Hewlett-Packard are likely ready to smash some keyboards after looking at the price of the stock lately.

  • Omaha, Nebraska

    With roots in a rugged agrarian work ethic, start-ups are thriving around Omaha — thanks in no small part to big spenders' bankrolls. An investigation of the seedlings of Silicon Prairie.

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    Take a look at some of Monday’s morning movers:

  • Euro coin in front of the giant symbol of the Euro outside the headquarters of the European Central Bank.

    Emotional sell-offs related to the fears of any country's exit or other euro zone related issues are tremendous buying opportunities for high quality multinational U.S. stocks — they are extremely cheap, their businesses are growing and the entirety of the euro zone, generally speaking, makes up less than 20 percent of U.S. exports.

  • Buying a stock like Amazon.com because you have a familiarity with the name of the company and enjoy the products is a terrific way to get your head handed to you.

  • ebay_HQ1.jpg

    On Friday, eBay embarked on a nationwide tour to introduce potential users to its new simplified selling process. The company’s efforts are part of its stepped-up focus on generating more fashion sales.

  • Disruptors: Creating Synergy in Technology

    Sean Parker, Founders Fund executive general partner discusses the launch of his new company, Airtime and the deal between Skype and eBay.

  • Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

    Bidding on a private lunch with investor Warren Buffett has started off slowly, but the auction that attracted winning bids of more than $2 million in each of the past four years runs all week.

  • modern-warfare-3-200.jpg

    E3 is usually the videogame industry's big party of the year — a chance to celebrate its strengths and showcase the titles it expects to drive sales forward for the rest of the year. But as the game makers gather for this year's event, a cloud hangs over the soiree.

  • Zoltar-200.jpg

    It’s that time again — Big Jobs Friday. Of course, we turn to the great Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine of the economy — the Internet — to read the cards.

  • Google Search

    Successful startup search engine DuckDuckGo is proving to Google, Facebook, and other Internet giants that being a big fat bird on the wire is no longer beautiful.

  • Meg Whitman

    Despite an eyebrow-raising 27,000 layoffs, Hewlett-Packard CEO said the company is in just the early stages of an ambitious reorganization to turn around a slide in profit.

  • Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett-Packard’s expected restructuring announcement is “just the beginning” for the personal computer maker if Chief Executive Meg Whitman shifts to a digital strategy, says Mark Stahlman, director at TMT Strategies.

  • Josh Hamilton

    Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is having an incredible season, leading the American League in average, home runs and RBI. Despite Hamilton’s tear, which included a four home run game on May 8, collectors aren’t exactly fighting for the centerfielder’s memorabilia.

  • 'Amazon' of Latin America

    Tim Seymour, managing partner at Triogem Asset Management and founder of EmergingMoney.com, makes the case for buying MercadoLibre, which has been dubbed the "Amazon of Latin America."

  • You’ve probably heard 99 reasons why Facebook is ahead of the pack. But top money pro Roger McNamee tells us you only need to know about one.

  • As the JPMorgan Chase trading loss and European debt mess rekindle memories of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, it’s easy to forget how much U.S. stocks have bounced back since then. Until the recent turbulence, the major indices were at notable level. Specifically, the tech sector was at its highest level since the bubble days of a decade ago. And despite all the hand wringing of late, the Nasdaq Composite is still only off some 5 percent from its April peak. Given tech’s market leadership th

    Given tech’s market leadership this year and the emerging comparisons to the crisis of several years ago, we rounded up the 10 best performance tech ETFs over the past three years.

  • Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo

    The outgoing chief executive of Yahoo told the board of directors and colleagues that he had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer days before quitting the post, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

  • Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo

    Following the resignation of Yahoo Chief Executive Scott Thompson under the ‘Resume-gate’ pressure applied by Dan Loeb, investors see a share buyback in short order and then a more difficult value-creation process ending in the sale of its Asian assets & an eventual merger, possibly by former suitor Microsoft.

  • Scott Thompson

    Yahoo‘s embattled chief executive, Scott Thompson, will leave his post after a controversy over his embellished academic credentials embroiled the Web company, the New York Times reports.