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  • What follows is a look at stocks in the S&P 500 displaying unusual volume in today's trading session.

  • Stocks pared gains, although remained higher, after several positive earnings reports gave investors a reason to believe the U.S. economy is improving, even as they digested a mixed batch of economic reports. Home Depot and McDonald's rose, while Bank of America fell.

  • Stock index futures pointed to a higher open for Wall Street with another set of earnings in the spotlight and as investors digested data showing China's growth cooled in the third quarter even as inflation edged higher.

  • After the bell the traders pored over results from Netflix, eBay and Seagate. How should you trade these names in the wake of earnings?

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    The online retailer and auction site turned in a quarterly profit and revenue that both beat expectations, pushing the shares higher in the late trading session.

  • Stocks closed sharply higher Wednesday, nearly wiping out losses from the previous session,  after the Federal Reserve reported it has seen "modest signs of growth" in the economy and as investors focused on strong earnings reports and a slide in the dollar. Boeing and DuPont rose, BofA fell.

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    What follows is a roundup of corporate earnings reports for Wednesday, Oct. 20.

  • Stocks lost a little ground in the final minutes of trading, but were still significantly higher,  after the Federal Reserve reported it has seen "modest signs of growth" in the economy and as investors focused on strong earnings reports and a slide in the dollar. Boeing and Intel rose.

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    One day does not a market make, but stocks may have hit a temporary rough patch.

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    The market is not only vast, it is also dynamic and sometimes unpredictable. Diamonds may be forever, but the same can't be said of cultural icons.

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    The recession may have relegated some of America’s most revered financial institutions to the scrap heap of history, but it also upped the ante on vintage stock certificates, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens from corporate icons that hearken back to yesteryear.

  • 1969 Chevy Camaro

    Experts say demand is on the rise having bottomed out after the recession.

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    Art Deco is a style of fine jewelry whose worth remains solid whether or not the economy is dipping or climbing. Naturally, its prices rise when times are flush.

  • This silver coffee pot is one of three Paul Revere pieces made prior to the American Revolution. The phrase “Frangas non flectes” (“Broken, not bowed”) is inscribed on the base of the pot.

    Though the recession took a toll on antique prices and trading volume is down, rare, high-quality items have held their own.  “While you still may be able to get a few deals on some good pieces, the period of time where you can get cheap antiques is coming to a close,” says one dealer.

  • Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report

    California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman told CNBC Friday that the “way forward,” out of the state's bloated government, deficit and high taxes, was to look at what New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has done since taking office.

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    Apple's stock could close above $300 today, just a mere 8 months after its last close below $200 (February 23).

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    They survived the financial Armageddon of 2008 with their careers, finances, and houses intact. So the question is: are the good times rolling again?

  • Zhang Yin, CEO of Nine Dragons Paper, is world's richest woman according to the Hurun report.

    More than half the world’s richest self-made women are Chinese, thanks in large part to Mao and cheap childcare, according to the Hurun Report, which compiles information on the wealthiest Chinese.

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    According to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, self-funded candidates—those who are pouring their own personal fortunes into their campaigns rather than raising the bulk of their campaign cash from political donors—aren’t faring well in the hotly-contested 2010 election cycle.

  • Stocks ended modestly higher for the first trading session of the fourth quarter despite a volatile start as investors digested a spate of economic reports giving conflicting accounts of the U.S. economy's health. JP Morgan and Bank of America rose.