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  • After weeks of hearing that a bear market rally was just around the corner, investors watched the market go around that corner. Some of the enormous amount of cash that had been sitting on the sidelines suddenly plunged into the pool, giving stocks the kind of boost they hadn't seen in months.

  • Following are the day’s biggest winners and losers. Find out why shares of Google and Macy’s popped while LDK Solar and American Express dropped.

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    Stocks posted their best day in four months on Tuesday with Citigroup leading the Dow higher...

  • Question:  When will we see a return of the kind of leverage that propelled the last bull market?  Answer, from Stockmarket Mentor's Dan Fitzpatrick:  Never.  That said, he's been looking for a big upside market move, and he has some recommendations for stock investors to ride it on.

  • History is no guide for investors right now, Cramer says.

  • Following are the day’s biggest winners and losers. Find out why shares of Morgan Stanley and Freeport-McMoRan popped while Liz Claiborne and US Bancorp dropped.

  • As gold pulls back roughly 10 percent from its highs of two weeks ago, options trading is pointing to further downside. Gold futures crossed the $1,000 mark briefly on Feb. 20 but have dropped every day since then...

  • Cramer makes his case for crude and offers his top picks. Plus, calls on Caterpillar, Costco, AECOM and more.

  • How deep will this downturn actually be? For insights we turn to the charts.

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    Stocks fell in volatile trading on Tuesday, with the S&P ending below 700 for the first time since October 1996

  • Ivanhoe Mines is seeing astronomical options activity Friday as traders snap up calls in huge volume. By midmorning alone more than 12,600 calls had changed hands, dwarfing the daily average of 350 contracts in January...

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    Lately one of the best ways to close in the black -- has been with gold. But this precious metal has come well off its highs. How should you play gold, now?

  • Cramer has always put his faith in the fundamentals, but these days the charts are important, too. Here's what you need to know.

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    Stocks jumped on Tuesday after Ben Bernanke delivered a big dose of relief when he signaled that nationalization of big banks was not at hand.

  • As gold surged above $1,000 earlier today, solidifying its position as one of 2009’s best assets to date, investors wondered if now is the time to buy or if they’ve already missed the boat.

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    Celebrated investor Doug Kass reveals his bull market prediction to Fast Money -- and what he says just might surprise you!

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    In a market littered with landmines, how should you trade? Pete Najarian has a strategy for you!

  • The stock price of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold tumbled this past year along with the price of copper, but the company is cutting costs to weather the storm and looking to developing countries to lead its recovery.

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    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • Plus, Cramer makes the call on retail, oil, minerals and more.