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    Stocks Plunge To 5 Year Lows

    Investors struggled with yet another day of meaningful losses in the Dow.

  • Game Plan: Dividends and Cash

    Forget earnings as a valuation metric in this market. At least when it comes to the industrials. Here's a better way of finding stocks worth buying.

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    Bailout Bust: Stocks Drop

    Wall Street ended its worst week in seven years with another tumble on Friday...

  • Quick Market Stats: Week Ending 10/3

    The $700B US Bailout was signed into law on Friday, and the major markets still closed down for the day after a brief rally.  The week was devastating to the US stock market with a 7.34% weekly loss for the Dow, an over 9% drop for the S&P and an almost 11% drop for the NASDAQ.

  • 1) Word on the Street is GE, our parent company, is pricing the common stock offering at $22.25; waiting on final size. 2) Fertilizer stocks are down notably this morning, as Mosaic reported earnings well below expectations.

  • Prepare for 2009 Dollar Doom: Strategist

    Gold prices rallied 14 percent over the last two weeks as stocks declined — but the precious metal is down for the quarter. But Dan Smith of Standard Chartered remains bullish.

  • Rescue Bill Drama, Global Slowdown Drag on Market

    Update: The House is moving quickly. They already have a Discussion Bill in circulation regarding the Treasury’s proposal. (READ STORY TO SEE IT.) The Dow moved in a 300 point range (which is normal for the past couple of weeks) today to end near the lows, but the volume has been much lighter than last week.

  • Stock Panic = Lots of Gold, Silver Upside

    Precious metals still have plenty of upside, two strategists told CNBC. Evaristo Stanziale, senior vice president at SCS Commodities, and Mark Hansen, director of trading at CPM Group, offered their insights into gold and other safe-haven commodities.

  • Banks, Oil Falling? Buy Gold!

    Precious metals are about to jump. So says Peter McGuire, managing director at Commodity Warrants Australia. He offered his commodities insights to CNBC.

  • Commodities Conundrum

    These stocks look like they should be bought, right? Here's why they can't be.

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    What's Going On With Lehman?

    The Dow tanked on Tuesday, as concern about Lehman Brothers' ability to raise much-needed capital battered all the financials.

  • Commodity Sell-Off? Where Does It End?

    In the last 7 trading sessions, commodity stocks have been in a free-fall. Look at what has happened to these big names, most of which hit historic highs in June or July:

  • Pops & Drops: Home Depot, Prudential...

    Following are the week’s biggest winners and losers. Find out why shares of Home Depot and Prudential popped while Google and Alcoa dropped.

  • The new Apple iPhone is seen Friday, June 29, 2007 in New York.  (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)
    S&P's New "Buy 'Em Like Buffett" Stock Screen

    Twice each year, Standard and Poor's runs a stock screen, designed to find stocks that Warren Buffett might find attractive based on his general investment philosophy.  The new list has just been released.  Guess what well-known name is missing this time around.  (Pay no attention to the picture on the left.)

  • Video: Sell Your Gold?

    With oil prices sliding but the dollar rally unsteady, where will gold go? Dawn Bennett of Bennett Group Financial Services and Mike O'Rourke of BTIG Bass Trading gave CNBC their insights into precious metal.

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    Cheer Or Fear Drop In Oil?

    Rapid changes in the commodities market have left some investors badly bruised to say the least. However lower gas prices are good, right? Should you cheer or fear the drop in oil?

  • Commodities "Taking It" On The Chin

    The big discussion today revolves around the continuing route in commodity stocks...the decline is so steep and severe that it is fueling theories that a liquidation is occurring due to:

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Lightning Round: AT&T, Ford, U.S. Steel and More

    Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.