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  • China and Taiwan have long been adversaries, but in recent months, observers have been noticing some small shifts in the countries’ attitudes toward one another. And here's an investment play...

  • Chinese stocks have jumped to their highest level since September, and options traders are taking short-term bullish positions in this ETF...

  • Think that China may quickly bounce back from the economic downturn? You might want to think again.

  • There are plenty of stocks in this market that work, the Mad Money host says. These are his favorites right now.

  • CNBC's Bob Pisani says Morningstar predicts that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may soon see a rich inflow of investor money. In his regular CNBC 101 investor segment, Pisani explained why.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.

  • A leading Chinese exchange traded fund is on the rise, and traders are bullish on its options as well.

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    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

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    Dave writes, “I am long some natural gas names, what do the traders think of the natural gas sector going forward?"

  • New signs suggest that China, and not the U.S., may be the global powerhouse that lifts the world out of recession.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.

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    Investors are taking a new look at China after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received a glowing review following her weekend visit.

  • Where’s that infrastructure build-out we were promised? What about the job creation? Why is the new president’s stimulus package such a disappointment? China got it right.

  • Don't think these double-strength funds equal double the profits. As we've found out, that's just not the case.

  • Shares in a key Brazil exchange traded fund are down about 7 percent on the day — but the options action is looking for upside. The iShare Brazil exchange traded fund is down to $33.47 on the day, while it was up above $40 a week ago. Shares remain more than 65 percent off their May 2008 high.

  • China's December exports fell at their fastest rate in decade. Is China’s growth coming to an end?

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.

  • It’s Beijing, and not Washington, that’s going to get us out of this worldwide recession, he says.

  • And that means a chance at big returns for investors, Cramer says.

  • Mike O'Rourke, chief market strategist at BTIG Bass Trading, and Scott Burns, equity analyst at Morningstar, discuss whether certain exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are exacerbating market volatility.