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  • Stocks advanced Monday and the Dow found a foothold above 11,000 as as investors were relieved that Europe reached a bailout deal for Greece but waited to see if earnings season would be as good as predicted.

  • Stocks opened higher Monday as investors breathed a sigh of relief after European nations agreed on an aid package for Greece. How should investors be positioned going forward? Robert Doll, vice chairman and chief equity strategist at BlackRock shared his insights.

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    Investment bankers have begun to develop ways in which banks might be able to circumvent the most punitive of the new capital rules being drawn up by international regulators.

  • The stock markets looked set to start the week higher, with stock index futures comfortably above fair value Monday following the euro zone’s agreement of a new aid package for Greece.

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    US financial groups face high investor expectations for strong earnings growth in their first-quarter results, the Financial Times reports.

  • The Dow briefly popped above 11,000 -- the first time it's reached that mark since September 2008 -- before settling a few points below. Chevron blazed the trail, making energy one of the day's best performers. Palm surged amid takeover rumors.

  • The Dow continued rising toward 11,000 Friday as the dollar fell after a Greek official said the debt-riddled nation has not yet sought financial aid. Energy and consumer discretionary were among the best performers.

  • Stocks gained Friday as commodity prices rose, but still remained below the Dow 11,000 benchmark. Art Hogan, director at Jefferies, shared his market outlook.

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    Wall Street veteran Muriel Siebert has seen her share of downturns, yet none like this. “What scares me, disappoints me— the public does not have faith in the marketplace,” she told CNBC.com.

  • Stocks advanced Friday as commodity prices rose and the dollar fell after a Greek official said the debt-riddled nation has not yet sought financial aid.

  • U.S. stock index futures were slightly higher ahead of the open Friday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average continued to hold below 11,000 points.

  • Cramer's seeing an intraday trend that could translate into profits.

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    As the financial crisis causes more banks to fail, the cash-strapped FDIC may be forced to back away from its longstanding policy of preventing hedge funds from buying banks.

  • The S&P closed higher on Thursday buoyed by much stronger than expected same store sales. Is that your signal to sell?

  • The S&P stalled on Thursday leaving investors desperate for a market ‘tell’. How should you interpret the latest - and almost conflicting - new data?

  • The Rubin/Prince mea culpa on Citigroup that is playing out on our air elicited very little trader commentary, until Mr. Prince said that he watched the stock go from $50 to $30 to 99 CENTS without selling any. That caused a few comments!

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    American corporations cut back on a number executive perks in 2009, in response to the economic downturn. One benefit, however, remained a top priority: personal security for chief executives.

  • Stocks slipped Wednesday after a senior Fed member said policy makers should start raising rates to 1 percent soon.

  • The market had every reason to sell-off recently. We had renewed worries about Greece, a higher dollar, and Treasury auctions. So why isn't the damage worse?

  • A number of stocks are regaining their losses thanks to a good, old-fashioned narrative, Cramer says.