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  • How Firms Wooed a U.S. Agency With Billions to Invest Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | 12:29 PM ET

    Charles E. F. Millard, head of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, is under investigation for inappropriate contacts with Wall Street firms seeking to obtain lucrative contracts.

  • KKR to Launch IPO of Dollar General: Report Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | 11:44 AM ET
    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

    Private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, which operates KKR Financial Holdings, is preparing for an initial public offering of discount retailer Dollar General, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter.

  • Are Pros Given Unfair Advantage Over Retail Investors? Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | 5:51 PM ET

    Wonder why your returns don’t look like the pros? Turns out they may have an unfair advantage.

  • NYSE traders

    With stocks up 11 percent since Alcoa kicked off earnings three weeks ago, investors now will be turning their gaze elsewhere to see whether the rally is for real.

  • Conspiracy Theories Rule The Morning Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | 11:42 AM ET

    The conspiracy theorists are out in force today: lots of "I told you so!" going on today as traders point to a front page story in the WSJ which says that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will issue a report blaming wild swings in oil prices on speculators.

  • Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway closes at 6-month high

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has rallied to a 6-month closing high, with help from the overall stock market's gains.  Today's 1.9 percent gain puts Berkshire's Class A shares at $95,300 each. That's just above their May 8 closing high of $95,295 and the best finish since January 13. Berkshire is up 5.3 percent on the week.

  • Dow Fights Higher Despite Microsoft Plunge Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 5:22 PM ET

    The session ended Friday with mixed results. The Dow and the S&P 500 closed slightly higher however the Nasdaq could not continue its winning ways.

  • Investment Banking: Rebound Amid a Revolution Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 5:19 PM ET
    Wall Street

    The financial crisis may have left investment banking bruised and embarrassed, but analysts say an industry comeback is on the way, even if it means competing in a dramatically different marketplace.

  • Play Now - Because Markets Look 'Very Tough' in 2010 Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 12:27 PM ET

    How can investors prepare their portfolios for the long term? Jon Fisher, portfolio manager at Fifth Third Asset Management, and Joseph Keating, CIO of private asset management at RBC Bank, shared their strategies.

  • Traders Profit With Computers Set at High Speed Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 8:54 AM ET
    Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    It is the hot new thing on Wall Street, a way for a handful of traders to master the stock market, peek at investors’ orders and, critics say, even subtly manipulate share prices.

  • Will Mack Get The Knife? Thursday, 23 Jul 2009 | 6:24 PM ET

    Several Wall Street analysts lowered their estimates for Morgan Stanley on Thursday after the firm posted a huge loss. Is CEO John Mack on the chopping block?

  • Farrell: The Mighty Ben Delivers Thursday, 23 Jul 2009 | 11:07 AM ET
    Ben Bernanke

    Ben was superb. He knew he had to deliver a strong message and not get bogged down by the often inane questions of our political elite. The best way to get your point across is to tell them what you're going to say, say it, and then tell them what you said. Even Congressman might hear the message.

  • You Can't Go Wrong With 'Best of Breed' Stocks: Analyst Thursday, 23 Jul 2009 | 10:28 AM ET

    Is this the right time to take risks or should you stick with the safer “best of breed” stocks? Kevin Caron, market strategist at Stifel Nicolaus, and Steve Grasso, market analyst at Stuart Frankel, shared their strategies — and their stock picks.

  • Cramer’s Second Opinion on Stocks’ Health Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 7:45 PM ET

    They’ve come a long way in 12 months. Here’s an up-to-date snapshot of where they are now.

  • BlackRock Attacks The Street Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 5:41 PM ET

    BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is making some scathing remarks about his rivals. But are they accurate or is the rhetoric just posturing?

  • Nasdaq Positive For 11 Straight Days Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 5:27 PM ET

    With the Nasdaq up for 11 straight days, investors are sifting through the latest earnings reports from eBay and Qualcomm trying to determine if it can make it 12.

  • Goldman Sachs Pays $1.1 Billion to Redeem Warrants Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 5:20 PM ET
    Goldman Sachs logo

    Goldman Sachs has redeemed the outstanding warrants the US government received through the TARP program for $1.1 billion, the company announced Wednesday.

  • Cramer: Tech Boom Part 2? Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 3:19 PM ET

    Plus, get calls on the investment banks, homebuilders, tobacco and more.

  • Commercial Real Estate Wreck Looms For Regional Banks Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 2:05 PM ET
    Commercial Real Estate

    The commercial real estate beast has begun to expose its claws in earnings, posing the single greatest threat to the banking industry's recovery through the rest of the year.

  • Halftime Report: Setting Up For A Pullback? Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | 1:18 PM ET

    After today's disappointing results from Morgan Stanley and other banks, should you prepare for a pullback.