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    Markets will stay fixated Wednesday on Europe's efforts to solve the credit problems of its weakest members.

  • The confusion is palpable on the Street as investors grapple with conflicting signals about this bull market.

  • According to a German government spokesperson reports of aid for Greece are unfounded.  If there’s no bailout in the works, how should you be trading?

  • Stocks rose on Tuesday amid some positive earnings news and despite Greece bailout talks. So is the correction over? Peter Sorrentino, senior portfolio manager at Huntington Asset Advisors, shared his views.

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    Bankers went on the record in the paper of record this week to express their displeasure with the anti-Wall Street rhetoric emanating from the president and Democrats in Congress.

  • Is the rally just recharging or are we about to lose our shirts again?

  • Plus, get calls on high-end retail, the banks and more.

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    Just two years after Mr. Obama helped his party pull in record Wall Street contributions — $89 million from the securities and investment business, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics — some of his biggest supporters, like Mr. Dimon, have become the industry’s chief lobbyists against his regulatory agenda.

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    Former Merrrill CEO John Thain arrives at CIT as its new CEO, getting a chance to start over at a humbler institution.

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    Billions of dollars were at stake when 21 executives of Goldman Sachs and the American International Group convened a conference call on Jan. 28, 2008, to try to resolve a rancorous dispute that had been escalating for months.

  • Aig Headquarters

    Behind-the-scenes disputes over huge sums are common in banking, but the standoff between A.I.G. and Goldman would become one of the most momentous in Wall Street history.

  • Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Once again, a bonus at Goldman Sachs has all of Wall Street talking — only this time, over how small it is.

  • On Friday, Goldman Sachs announced bonuses for CEO Lloyd Blankfein and other executives. Now that the controversy is over, how should you trade GS?

  • Should investors still be spooked by Greece and the strong dollar? Or was Friday’s late day rally a signal that all’s clear?

  • Forget oil and gold, the Mad Money host says. Some companies are doing very well. Read on for his list of notables.

  • The Dow fell below 10,000 for the first time since last November amid worries about the US job market and Europe's ability to get a grip on its debt.  The blue-chip index is now down over 4 percent for the year.

  • Investors applauded as dozens of firms, including Time Warner and Pitney Bowes, raised their dividends in the last few days. Are financial firms next in line? Matt McCormick, banking analyst and portfolio manager at Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel, shared his views.

  • Now is a good time for investors to be overweight the health care and big financial sectors, said Doug Sandler, co-founder of Riverfront Investment Group. He shared his sector picks and pans.

  • Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Voice-mail boxes inside Goldman Sachs lit up on Jan. 21 with an unusual message from the bank’s chief executive — a bit of Wall Street speak that sounded like the makings of a book on Zen and the Art of Money-Making.

  • Chinese Yuan note

    A senior Chinese official said on Thursday that China would not bow to pressure from the United States to revalue its currency, which President Obama says is kept at an artificially low level to give China an unfair advantage in selling its exports.