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  • Investors applauded as dozens of firms, including Time Warner and Pitney Bowes, raised their dividends in the last few days. Are financial firms next in line? Matt McCormick, banking analyst and portfolio manager at Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel, shared his views.

  • Now is a good time for investors to be overweight the health care and big financial sectors, said Doug Sandler, co-founder of Riverfront Investment Group. He shared his sector picks and pans.

  • Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Voice-mail boxes inside Goldman Sachs lit up on Jan. 21 with an unusual message from the bank’s chief executive — a bit of Wall Street speak that sounded like the makings of a book on Zen and the Art of Money-Making.

  • Chinese Yuan note

    A senior Chinese official said on Thursday that China would not bow to pressure from the United States to revalue its currency, which President Obama says is kept at an artificially low level to give China an unfair advantage in selling its exports.

  • Cisco's outlook is considered a barometer for the whole tech industry, even the whole economy. But no matter how optimistic CEO John Chambers is, traders aren't convinced a correction can be avoided here.

  • Looks like the Mad Money host could have been wrong: 2010 might be better than he thought. But hey, when the facts change…

  • Markets traded lower on Wednesday, following a two-day rally that sent stocks up more than 2 percent. Should investors look to buy on the dips? Jack Ablin, executive VP and CIO of Harris Private Bank, and Jay Bowen, president of Bowen Hanes, shared their insights.

  • On Wednesday, disappointing earnings sent investors running for the exits stopping a comeback dead in its tracks. Is the correction back; what should you be watching?

  • Smith & Wollensky steak

    With all the Wall Street bonuses being handed out stock this year, one New York City steakhouse came up with a wacky idea: Why not take their stock as tender for steak?

  • PNC Financial priced a $2 billion secondary offering of 55.6 million shares of common at $54 a share. They are planning to use the money to..?

  • Time Warner Cable and Comcast both noted in their earnings reports today that they have been buying back their own shares.

  • The Mad Money host spots a pattern in the market's reaction to President Obama's attacks.

  • The Bank ETF closed higher on Tuesday, shrugging off the Volcker plan presented to lawmakers. How should you trade financials, now?

  • Investors are struggling to make sense of Tuesday's market action. Industrials and materials led the rally but tech lagged, badly. Can the rally continue without tech?

  • As of this morning, nearly 50% of the S&P 500 companies have reported earnings.  Here's a look at which companies have had the biggest surprises so far...

  • Wall Street is waiting for more information since President Obama’s proposed curbs on how banks with insured deposits invest their own capital. Are the banks taking on too much risk? Michael Pento, senior market strategist at Delta Global Advisors, and Christopher Whalen, senior vice president and managing director at Institutional Risk Analytics, shared their insights.

  • Today’s (and yesterday’s) action confirms this is a market for traders — not investors — as oil and other commodities lead a rebound in the related share prices.

  • The Mad Money host explains Monday's rally.

  • Investors snapped up bank stocks on Monday after published reports suggested the Obama bank plan to crack down on Wall Street may be in serious jeopardy.

  • More talk of gigantic bonuses landed Goldman Sachs in the headlines again Monday, this time it's CEO Lloyd Blankfein who's under the microscope.