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  • Stocks closed mixed a day after hitting multiyear highs despite positive economic news and after word the Federal Reserve didn't believe the economy had improved enough by December to alter its economic stimulus program.

  • Stocks gained some strength in the final hour of trading, but remained mixed after news the Federal Reserve didn't believe the economy had improved enough by December to alter its economic stimulus program. Alcoa and Walt Disney rose, while McDonald's fell.

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    There is no U.S. economic data to sway markets Friday, but there will be plenty to look forward to next week, when the December employment report caps a heavy week of important numbers.

  • Stocks closed mixed amid thin holiday trading after a couple lackluster economic reports on housing and consumer confidence. Chevron and HP rose, while American Express fell.

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    People do a lot of top-down analysis at this time of the year, trying to figure out how much the Dow and the S&P could go up — or down — in the coming year. That's not my style. As someone who is a stock picker, I like a bottom's-up approach, analyzing each Dow component to come up with what I think the most visible index will deliver in 2011. ...A report from TheStreet.

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  • Even with the skeletal staffing in New York, comments are trickling in from analysts about the strong holiday season. Several companies have been mentioned multiple times this morning as notable winners: Abercrombie & Fitch, which appears to be continuing to win market share;

  • Retail stocks are in focus after much of the East coast was blanketed by a blizzard Sunday.

  • With more than 30 years of experience as a currency and commodities trader, Dennis Gartman on Thursday revealed his three rules to trade by in the new year.

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    If it's beginning to look a lot more like Christmas in your neighborhood than it did last year, then you might agree with me that there's a certain measure of holiday optimism about that wasn't here last year, and it can be measured in lights.

  • The rally continues…new highs for the S&P 500, with the index now up 6.3% this month. That gives the S&P its best December since 1991.

  • Mark Madoff

    Wall Street veteran Kenneth Langone said the apparent suicide of Mark Madoff, Bernard's oldest son, is the "greatest tragedy" to follow Bernard Madoff's fraud.

  • Goldman Sachs

    Although Goldman Sachs is completing a report that will shed light on the financial firm's business standards and ethics, Kenneth Langone, a venture capitalist and investment banker of more than 30 years, says the firm doesn't have anything to worry about.

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    Retailers are adding features like aromas, photos and recorded messages to make gift cards more attractive.

  • Stocks trimmed losses to end narrowly mixed Thursday as Treasury prices firmed and the dollar stabilized. McDonald's and DuPont fell, while BofA rose.

  • Stocks eased losses ahead of the close Thursday as Treasury prices firmed, but gains were limited by a stronger U.S. dollar. DuPont and McDonald's fell, while BofA rose.