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  • CNBC's Harwood: Wall Street's Political Bed Fellows Friday, 12 Jan 2007 | 10:11 AM ET

    The race for the White House is heating up.Today--Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut threw his hat in the ring (he announced on MSNBC's Don Imus Show). That follows formal announcements from former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, among others. Why so many and so early?

  • Home Depot shareholders' attempt to block the company's former chief executive from collecting any more of his $210 million severance package has raised the broader issue of what role shareholders should play in setting executive compensation

  • HD Lawsuit: Lots More "Holy Cow" Moments Ahead Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | 10:56 AM ET

    Home Depot shareholders want to stop the payout package that ex-CEO Robert Nardelli is expected to get. They've filed an injunction to stop the payments all together. So far--there' s no ruling yet on the legal action. Nardelli resigned his post last week--leaving with a rather large $210 million severance deal (including a cash payment of $20 million).

  • CPK CEO: "Our People Like Coming To Work" Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007 | 3:38 PM ET

    Earnings season is here, and while it can mean harsh reality for some, it’s apparently nothing but sunshine for California Pizza Kitchen. The restaurant chain just reported a 6.9% increase in same-store sales for the fourth quarter. As a result, it’s raising its Q4 earnings guidance. Liz Claman got a chance to talk with co-CEO Rick Rosenfield this morning on “Morning Call.”

  • Home Depot Changes Bylaws on CEO Compensation Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | 12:25 PM ET

    Home Depot said Monday its board will require that two-thirds of its independent directors approve any compensation granted to the company's chief executive.

  • CEO Compensation: The Debate Heats Up Friday, 5 Jan 2007 | 11:53 AM ET

    Home Depot's Bob Nardelli's $210 million golden parachute has renewed the buzz about CEO compensation. Is huge CEO pay justified? On today’s "Morning Call" – both sides "slugged" it out. Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute feels that huge pay packages are necessary to attract a top notch CEO. 

  • Business World vs. Sports World Thursday, 4 Jan 2007 | 1:52 PM ET

    As many of you know, Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli was booted yesterday - to a $210 million severance package. If he was an athlete (he actually was a star football player at Western Illinois), that would mean this contract would be the second largest in sports history in total value behind A-Rod's 10-year, $252 million deal he signed in 2000 and that's to play, not - as Nardelli's situation commands - to NOT "play." Including his severance, stock options and salary, it's estimated he made $360 million in six years.

  • Langone Was Behind Nardelli's Ouster: CNBC's Gasparino Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007 | 5:06 PM ET

    Robert Nardelli's ouster as chairman and CEO of HomeDepot had the full approval of the board, including the man who had been his biggest supporter--Kenneth Langone, people close to the company told CNBC's Charlie Gasparino.

  • Stocks closed up modestly after a report on the Federal Reserve's December meeting threw up red flags on the economy and sparked a dramatic 175-point swing in the Dow.

  • Nardelli, who has been CEO since 2000, has been under fire by investors for his hefty pay and the poor performance of the company's stock price during his six-year tenure.

  • As Home Depot Renovates, Should Investors Sell? Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007 | 3:14 PM ET

    As we’ve been telling you all day, CEO Bob Nardelli is out at Home Depot after six stormy years at the helm. How should investors play the company’s stock now? We had two fund managers who watch the company closely on "Street Signs" to find out.

  • Robert Nardelli

    Shares of Home Depot are rallying today on news its Chairman and CEO Bob Nardelli has resigned (see earlier posts). But what’s happening behind the scenes? In an interview first on CNBC we found out from one of Home Depot’s largest shareholders, Leon Cooperman. He’s the Founder and Chairman of Omega Advisors, and Former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Division. He spoke by phone.

  • CNBC's "Fast Money" Kicks Off NASDAQ For '07 Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007 | 9:50 AM ET

    The Holidays might be winding down, but Wall Street has something new to celebrate. CNBC’s “Fast Money” is joining the network’s primetime schedule permanently, beginning Monday January 8th at 8 pm. Today, CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan and The Fast Money Five are ringing in the New Year – by ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ, on this first day of 2007 trading.

  • Analyst: No Big Changes For Home Depot Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007 | 8:55 AM ET

    Some big news today even before the opening bell. Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli resigned this morning--effective immediately. Vice Chairman Frank Blake will take over the top spot. Nardelli had been CEO for the past six years and had upset many investors with the size of his pay package and the company's performance. Talking about the sudden change on "Squawk Box" was retail analyst David Schick from Stifel Nicolaus & Co. He spoke by phone.

  • Today's Close: The Best and Worst Of 2006 Friday, 29 Dec 2006 | 4:01 PM ET

    As we end for today, we can safely report it's been a banner year for stocks--by just about everyone's measuring stick. Bonds didn't so bad either. Blue chips were certainly the big standouts of 2006. The Dow Jones industrial average--the index of 30 of the nation’s biggest companies, hit record levels dozens of times since closing at 12,011.73 on Oct. 19. It's since surged to an intra-day high of 12,529.87. All this despite....

  • Cnbc.com Exclusive: Top Dividend Plays for 2007 Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006 | 2:32 PM ET

    Investments that provide income versus growth will likely become more important to many people as the nation's population ages over the next 5 to 20 years.

  • Swapping That Unwanted Gift Card for Cash Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006 | 9:13 AM ET

    On this day after Christmas, you expect volume to be low – but we know about an exchange that's likely to very, very busy. We're talking about a website where you can exchange unwanted gift cards. CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla revealed all the details on this morning’s “Squawk Box.”

  • Answer: When's That!  CNBC's Peter Schacknow pulls back the curtain and shows you inside the world of 24-hour business news.

  • Coupons, Web Ads Click For Holiday Shoppers Friday, 22 Dec 2006 | 1:47 PM ET

    Sure, it pays to advertise – but in the competitive holiday season, questions about when and where to place ads are what plague retailers.

  • CEO Survey: Confident About U.S. in 2007 Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006 | 11:07 AM ET

    CEO's are optimistic about the new year--according to the Chief Executive Magazine's CEO confidence index (this is a yearly survey of American CEOs). The magazine's own CEO--Ed Kopko--appeared on "Morning Call" with the details. The CEOs are positive about the U.S. economy in 2007--according to Kopko. He says they feel good that interest rates are low and that company profits are "rolling in" in high numbers.