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  • There's always a bull market somewhere, Cramer said. Right now, it's in the U.S.A.

  • Not if you believe as Cramer does that the precious metal’s price is headed to $2,000. Plus, get calls on the utilities, restaurants, the investment banks and more.

  • Outside the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan.

    In an uncertain economic environment, your best investment opportunities are in the stocks of solid companies with proven business models, strong balance sheets and steady profits.

  • Stocks ended lower as investors took a pause after stocks reached two-year highs, and the dollar rose as concerns over European sovereign debt worries resurfaced. Alcoa and JPMorgan fell, while Coca Cola rose.

  • Twenty companies were represented at the summit, but the "Mad Money" host said he's only interested in three of them.

  • In topics that ranged from taxes to jobs to American competitiveness to education to the deficit, President Obama came across to CEOs as willing to listen and work with business.

  • Stocks slipped into negative territory Wednesday despite several positive economic reports, as concerns over European sovereign debt worries resurfaced. JP Morgan and Alcoa fell, while Coca Cola rose.

  • Obama Meets With Twenty Top Business Leaders At The White House

    President Obama is holding a meeting today with 20 prominent business leaders to share ideas on how to grow the economy and create jobs. Here is a look at how these companies performed since President Obama took office.

  • Barack Obama

    Nearly half of the 20 CEOs meeting with President Obama Wednesday are from technology and financials services companies, while noticeably absent are big oil and retail and such government-controlled enterprises.

  • Stocks were mixed after a handful of positive economic reports, including a slightly better-than-expected gain in industrial production, and a slightly better-than-expected report on consumer price inflation. Caterpillar and Bank of America rose, while Alcoa fell.

  • This morning, the Empire Manufacturing Survey was far stronger than expected. Europe is weak ahead of the EU meeting tomorrow. And banking results "will be up 10-20% next year," according to Goldman Sachs.

  • Check out the Fast Money Street Sheet. Our complete guide for tomorrow’s trading.

  • Strong economic data sent the market exploding higher Wednesday.  Are the bulls off to the races? Or was Wednesday’s market action 2010’s last moment of glory?

  • Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote

    Deficit commission member and chairman and CEO of Honeywell International, Dave Cote, voiced his support for the  panel’s fiscal austerity plan in a CNBC interview Wednesday.

  • Cramer rounds out his list of America’s best companies with Honeywell International and Boeing.

  • How quickly could situation in Europe escalate? This market 'tell' may help you gauge if or when they near their tipping point.

  • Turmoil overseas may be particularly troubling for the S&P.

  • Clean energy’s a money loser, Cramer said. But cleaner energy may not be. Here are his top picks in the group.

  • Six in 60

    Here's why you should keep a close eye on these six stocks.

  • Six in 60

    Here's why you should keep a close eye on these six stocks.