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  • Stocks Slide as Economic Worries Rattle Market

    Stocks fell Tuesday amid growing doubts about the economic recovery. There were some pockets of gains in the tech, banking and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Economic Worries Dent Stocks; Techs Rise

    Stocks fell Tuesday amid growing doubts about the economic recovery. But techs and banks rose.

  • Q2 Earnings Preview

    With Alcoa set to announce its second quarter earnings tomorrow, earnings season will officially begin.  Here's a look at what analysts are expecting.

  • Stimulus Package 2.0?

    The commodity/dollar trade continues today. Stock futures fell about 4 points pre-open as the dollar firmed and as commodities moved off their highs. Despite the move lower, commodities remain up on the day, rebounding from yesterday’s weakness. Subsequently, commodity stocks are slightly higher today, rising 1 percent-2 percent pre-open.

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    Stocks Pull Higher In Late Surge

    Both the Dow and S&P 500 rebounded in late trading on Monday as investors' concerns about the strength of an economic recovery triggered a move into defensive stocks.

  • Dow Ekes Out a Gain Amid Bargain Hunting

    Stocks ended mixed Monday as a dismal jobs report last week and expectations for a gloomy earnings season nagged at the market. But the Dow eked out a gain amid some bargain hunting.

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    Stocks Kick Off Quarter With Rally

    Both the S&P and Dow rose on Wednesday, the start of the third quarter, as reassuring manufacturing data reinforced hopes that the world's economy is on the road to recovery.

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    Oil Outlook for the Second Half

    Stocks kicked off the second half of 2009 with a rally. What about oil? Nymex energy trader Ray Carbone offered his second-half outlook to CNBC. "I think we're balancing in all three markets that really move crude: the equities market, the dollar market and the crude market [itself]."

  • The second half of 2009 kicked off with a bang with both the Dow and S&P trading higher after reports showed manufacturing began improving, albeit modestly.

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    Your First Move For Wednesday July 1st

    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • Is the NASDAQ Getting Ahead of Itself?

    Earlier this morning, the NASDAQ was up over 17% YTD, well ahead of the Dow (down ~3% YTD) and the S&P (up ~2% YTD). The relative value of the NASDAQ to the S&P 500 is now over 2.0 and has been hovering around 2.0 for the past couple of days. It actually closed a fraction above 2.0 on Friday for the first time since February 2001.

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    Google Makes a Case That It Isn’t So Big

    With all its riches, how can anyone call Google a "small" company, one that is vulnerable to competition and whose luck could turn any day? Dana Wagner is happy to explain, says the New York Times.

  • Traders at New York Stock Exchange.

    Stocks enter the second half of the year with trepidation, despite the fact that the economy may finally start to show real signs of recovery.

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    Your First Move For Monday June 29th

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  • Dow Logs 2nd Straight Down Week; Techs Gain

    The Dow capped another down week with a loss Friday as investors shrugged off a surge in consumer sentiment and instead focused on the fact that consumers are squirreling away their money at a feverish pace. But techs gained after encouraging earnings from Palm.

  • Trading the Share Price

    Sometimes a stock is so cheap it's begging to be bought.

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    Your First Move For Wednesday June 24th

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  • Prop Desk: Intel's Big Break

    A new partnership could potentially give Intel a big advantage in the mobile market.

  • How to Make Money in a Sideways Market

    Dan Genter, president, CEO and CIO of RNC Genter Capital Management, and Peter Boockvar, equity strategist of Miller Tabak shared their tips on making money in a sideways market.

  • Make Those Empty Storefronts Pretty!

    Empty storefronts can deter shoppers but there are some very creative solutions coming out to plug these gaping holes in the retail landscape, such as putting ads or art in the windows. One town is even considering making it mandatory for landlords to have something pretty in the window to avert urban decay.