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  • U.S. stocks finished the first trading week of 2010 on a positive note, with the Dow and S&P 500 reaching their highest level in 15-months.

  • The traders are closely watching two downgraded stocks after JPMorgan said the next six months could be “difficult” for them.

  • The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), also known as the “Investor Fear Gauge," hit a 19 month low on Friday. What does it all mean for stocks and investments going forward? Hank Smith, CIO of Haverford Investments, and Mike Rubino, president of Rubino Financials, discussed their market analyses.

  • The latest overall job loss numbers showed a loss of 85,000 jobs in December and an unemployment rate remaining at 10.0%.  The November and October numbers were revised as well.  Here is a breakdown of where the job losses were as well as which sectors were adding jobs.

  • Bonds and certificates of deposit have long been considered safer investments than stocks. But in an era of incredibly low interest rates, Cramer said, buying the former two could be a mistake. A CD right now might offer a 1.5% return, while 10-year Treasurys pay you 3.75%. A company with a high-yielding dividend, however, can generate more than 7% (see: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, among others). But even stocks with sub-4% yields these days may net more than those 10-years because dividends

    Read on for Cramer’s nine newest dividend plays. Just remember: The numbers listed here were correct as of publish time, but they may have changed a bit since. So do your homework!

  • Cramer explains a few moral imperatives every potential investor needs to know.

  • U.S. stocks finished down for the week but up for the year with the S&P and the Dow closing a wildly volatile year up 23% and 19% respectively.  The NASDAQ Composite managed a gain of 44% for the year. 

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    A popular investment strategy suggests buying the ten Dow Jones Industrial Average components with the highest yielding dividends. Here is the list going into 2010.

  • We're as patriotic as they come but considering the returns in Russia and other emerging markets, we can't help but wonder, is it better to invest overseas?

  • Stocks advanced Tuesday after reports showed consumer confidence improved and home prices stabilized.

  • Best & Worst of the Decade

    Following the sizzling 1990s (the markets’ best decade ever), stocks have had a disappointing decade overall, fizzling in the 2000s.  Here are the best and worst of the Dow.

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    A popular investment strategy suggests buying the ten Dow Jones Industrial Average components with the highest yielding dividends. Here is the list going into 2010.

  • Why invest in Treasurys when stocks right now offer better yields?

  • With dividends taking on a crucial role as investors rotate out of the riskier trades, how should you be positioned?

  • U.S. stocks finished the week mixed, with the S&P and the Dow posting modest losses, while the NASDAQ Composite managed a gain of 0.98%. 

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    With Avatar opening at 12:01 am on Friday, everyone's waiting to see if the much-anticipated movie lives up to the hype, and how it performs at the box office. I got a sneak preview last week -- it certainly didn't disappoint me -- I was particularly wowed by the intricate, beautiful world James Cameron creates -- but we'll see if the live action-computer generated 3-D hybrid pulls everyone else in.

  • Pepsi Superbowl commercial

    In a daring move, PepsiCo is planning to sit on the sidelines during Super Bowl XLIV, ending a 23-year streak of advertising during the big game.

  • U.S. stocks finished the week mixed to flat, with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average posting modest gains on Friday, following stronger-than expected retail sales and a boost in consumer confidence early this month.   

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks advanced, following encouraging reports on jobless claims and the trade deficit. Budding optimism about the recovery made consumer-discretionary stocks the day's best performer. Disney led the Dow.

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    Although most of market is moving sideways, we've spotted some stocks that have continued their upward trend.