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  • With Hewlett Packard set to release numbers how should you trade the stock - especially with another drama looming over the company?

  • New Gatorade G2

    Gatorade is vulnerable. For so long the brand has weathered the punches thrown at it, but the stats now show that the brand is bleeding.

  • Cramer digs through apparel and food plays to help you make mad money off the Middle Kingdom.

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was busy in the third quarter. The company's quarterly stock portfolio filing with the SEC shows that during the three months ending September 30, Berkshire added a new stake in Bank of New York Mellon, while eliminating holdings in five companies.

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    Multinational companies are losing their image as China’s best employers and are increasingly struggling to compete for local staff with mainland Chinese groups, according to research by Manpower, the US employment company. The FT reports.

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    Some retailers are cutting the size of stores and inventory to limit costs and provide a focused shopping experience, the New York Times reports.

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    Nearly two-thirds of consumers in Asia rely on blogs to make purchase decisions. And advertisers are paying attention.

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    You can’t go wrong with an Air Jordan. Lebron James is also a good bet, as are special models designed by Jeremy Scott or Kayne West.

  • When it comes to collecting sneakers, finding the right fit is not enough. Over 1,500 sneakerheads made their way to a church basement in lower Manhattan recently, hoping to either sell, trade or buy pricy collectible sneakers at , a quarterly sneaker convention. You won’t find any old, battered tennis shoes here—the sneakers at this convention were some of the most desirable, hard to find models on the market, costing as high as $3,000. Most were made by just two brands—either  or Adidas. So wh

    You won’t find any old, battered tennis shoes at Sneaker Con—the sneakers at this convention were some of the most desirable, hard to find models on the market, costing as high as $3,000.

  • If history is any indication the S&P should rally from here. But every rule has an exception. Will history repeat itself, this year?

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    An extensive survey of retailers by CNBC reflected that many considered the LeBron 8, which hit stores last week, a good sell. Another described sales as average, while one retailer said sales were miserable.

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    From the midterms to the unfinished business of health care and financial reform, there's a lot of noise in the marketplace right now that have many investors sticking their heads in the sand in fear rather then diving into the equity pool.

  • See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street.

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    Nike proved why it's the most bold company in the world, with LeBron's excellent new spot coinciding with the nationwide launch of the LeBron 8's tomorrow.

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    With Auburn currently in line to play for the national championship and with Nike relaunching his Air Trainer from Nike 1986 (now called the Air Trainer 1.2), we thought it was the perfect time to briefly sit down with two-sport great Bo Jackson.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

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    What makes a defensive player more marketable? If it’s big hits, does that mean that the NFL’s announcement that hits that could cause head and neck injuries will affect the commercial potential of defensive players? One marketing executive says no.

  • Athletic Propulsion Shoe

    Adam and Ryan Goldston did as much as they could to publicize their special $300 basketball shoe which they say increases your vertical leap. But in the back of their minds, they knew that the big day would come when and if the NBA decided that their shoes couldn’t be used by NBA players.

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    Who knows if we would have seen that miraculous rescue of those Chilean miners if numerous companies, governments and individuals had not shared their resources, experiences and ideas. Sharing isn't just a moral thing to do - it's a necessity to survive in today's global marketplace. Three new books tackle the issue of sharing in the corporate world - its risks and its rewards.

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    Over the years, Intel has used aggressive and catchy marketing programs to help elevate its position in the computing marketplace. This cachet has served Intel well, allowing it to command top dollar for its products, which power the vast majority of PCs. The Intel juggernaut was apparent on Tuesday as the company reported earnings better than expected on a sharp revenue increase.