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  • Friday's "How To Win"  Contest Stock Picks Monday, 26 Mar 2007 | 9:23 AM ET

    Good morning all. We hope you were able to watch Friday night's "How To Win" contest program. But if not, or even if you did, I'll re-cap some of the show in blog posts today. We'll start with some of the picks--I'm sure you'd like to know what the experts were hot about. So far, there are 443,291 contest registrations to date.

  • Failing Sports Beauties And Final Four "Checkmate" Monday, 26 Mar 2007 | 8:18 AM ET
    Danica Patrick

    This weekend was just another normal weekend for those who are called some of the most marketable female athletes – another weekend without a win. Many following in the footsteps of Anna Kournikova, who pulled in $15 million a year in endorsement deals, despite going 0-for-122 in singles events throughout her career on the WTA Tour.

  • Stocks closed slightly higher Friday, finishing a week with gains of more than 3% in major market indices. "I like to see this pretty tight trading range; the fact that we've been able to hold on to these gains is healthy," Craig Columbus, chief market strategist at Advanced Equities Asset Management, told CNBC.com.

  • Nike Posts 8% Rise in Earnings, Beating Expectations Friday, 23 Mar 2007 | 11:36 AM ET

    Nike reported on Thursday quarterly net profit growth of nearly 8%, topping Wall Street estimates, as improved performance in its difficult European market helped offset disappointing U.S. results.

  • Kobe, Durant, Nike--And More Food For Thought Thursday, 22 Mar 2007 | 2:06 PM ET
    Kobe Bryant

    Yesterday, Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News wrote these words: “Word is Kobe Bryant has already called Kevin Durant on behalf of Nike and that a shoe deal ranging between $30 million and $50 million simply needs to be presented.” Now I know that the Texas freshman basketball player is a star and he very well might be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft.

  • I'll never forget what NBA commissioner David Stern said in June 2005 in a New York Times article. The piece talked about how some young kids were more interested in playing NBA video games than watching the real thing.

  • In Stocks, Vice Beats Virtue Friday, 2 Mar 2007 | 6:54 PM ET

    Sin pays. You can invest in good corporate citizens and go nowhere, or you can get down with alcohol, tobacco and firearms to really make some money. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof.

  • At some point, the Oklahoma State Cowboys are going to have to win a football or basketball championship, given how much money is being pumped into their athletic department. Boone Pickens, who is the school's largest booster and made the most valuable donation to an athletic department in history, is at it again...

  • Ohio State Logos LeBron, Fans Eat Up Wins, And More Tuesday, 27 Feb 2007 | 4:35 PM ET

    We’ve seen the Jordan Jumpman brand on the likes of college basketball players on Cincinnati, but - until now - we haven’t seen that LeBron logo show up anywhere. But we have confirmation that when the No. 1 Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team takes the floor at the Big Ten Tournament on March 9 in Chicago, they will be wearing new uniforms.

  • Riled By Wimbledon And The Real March Madness Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | 12:54 PM ET

    I’m really riled up about this Wimbledon pay debate. As some of you might have heard, Wimbledon decided on Thursday to announce that -- for the first time ever -- it was awarding the same amount of prize money to the women and men. The French Open did this for the first time last year, although -- unlike Wimbledon -- it’s only for the champions and not throughout the rest of the draw.

  • Jordan, LeBron And More Thursday, 22 Feb 2007 | 6:00 PM ET

    K-Swiss page90KSWSfalsetrue2pricetruefalsefalsefalse0QuotefalsetrueChartfalsetrueNewsfalsetrueProfilefalsetrueAdd to Watchlistfalsetruetruehttp://api-cdn.cnbc.com/api/chart/chart.aspGE4true3 shares took a dive on Thursday after the company said there would be a nice decline in domestic revenues and that it had made substantial investments in product development and marketing. One of those marketing costs is Anna Kournikova, their new spokesperson. I have to say, I saw Kournikova do what she did for products while she was playing. It was amazing. Take some tennis strings, slap her face on the packaging -- sales triple! I always got the impression she was one of the few athletes -- even though she never won a single WTA title -- that really did get a return on investment. But now? With her being off the court and Sharapova doing very well, I’m thinking K-Swiss investors would be more encouraged if K-Swiss spent its money finding the next great young tennis star in Russia than investing in a player that won’t ever play top competitive tennis again.

  • Shelling It out At Daytona, NBA All-Star Game And More Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007 | 9:35 AM ET

    It was jarring seeing Kevin Harvick win the Daytona 500 in his Shell car. That's because I couldn't recall the last time I had seen a car with a gasoline company as a primary sponsor win a top-tier NASCAR race. I called up one of the best guys in the business, Andrew Giangola at NASCAR, to put his researchers to the test.

  • Vegas Baby- Sin City's Shot At The NBA And More.. Friday, 16 Feb 2007 | 10:06 AM ET
    Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

    Everyone and their mother are writing the stories about the NBA entertaining the thought of moving to Las Vegas. But I’m going to take it a step further. What will it take for a team to move to Vegas? We’ll have to see what Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman proposes to the Board of Governors in April, but if NBA commissioner David Stern is set on taking all 2,400-plus NBA games off the board for a team to move there, the natural question is, “What kind of compensation will an NBA team owner have to pay the sports book operators to shut down their business?”

  • Anheuser Busch

    Over the past couple of days, I've bashed (Anheuser-Busch's) Budweiser for their Super Bowl commercials. Not because they weren't good -- I actually thought that they were the only ones that were good. But because I don't believe people slapping each other makes me want to buy your beer. Also: Super Bowl gambling may be weaker, but Michael Jordan is bigger than ever.

  • Nike managers said they will add 100 new company stores worldwide over the next three years as part of a plan for the world's largest athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer to reach $23 billion in sales by 2011.

  • Adidas Sees Reebok Hitting $5 Billion in Sales Thursday, 1 Feb 2007 | 10:18 PM ET

    Adidas expects growth overseas, particularly in Asia, to push sales at its Reebok division to $5 billion over the next three to five years, up from their current $3 billion level, Herbert Hainer, chairman and chief executive of Adidas, said.

  • Superbowl Fun, Productivity Schmoductivity and More Monday, 29 Jan 2007 | 11:40 AM ET

    Many of you know that prop betting really took off 21 years ago when Caesars Palace offered a William "The Refrigerator" Perry touchdown prop for the Super Bowl and he – against the odds – scored. Today, Super Bowl prop bets get better and better every year.  The best prop this year doesn't even involve the game itself. I love: "How Long Will It Take Billy Joel To Sing The National Anthem?" Francis Scott Key would be proud.  Bodoglife.com has the over/under at 1:44.

  • Brand Bonanza At Davos Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007 | 3:46 PM ET

    Some of the world's biggest brands are meeting in Davos this week. So it's appropriate that the World Economic Forum is discussing  new ways companies can reach consumers in an increasingly competitive market.  (More)

  • Lebron & Microsoft and lots more Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007 | 1:13 PM ET

    So we wake up Wednesday morning to the confirmation from Microsoft that it will use LeBron James to promote its new operating system Vista, which is coming out on Monday. We don’t believe that’s really the story. Why? Because the endorsement model doesn’t work with operating systems. It works with sports drinks and shoes. It also works with digital music players and video game consoles. Wait, did I just say that? Wait, doesn’t Microsoft make both the Zune and the Xbox 360? Bingo.

  • Under Armour, Parcells, Lacrosse, and Donuts Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | 11:12 AM ET

    Barron’s article on Under Armour must have been one of the most influential pieces of journalism in the sports business industry because shares of Under Armour absolutely took a dive yesterday  ... Bill Parcells will forever be associated with Gatorade, thanks to the 1986 season, in which his Giants made the Gatorade Bath or Shower famous. Parcells, who retired yesterday, is also at the tail end of a new Gatorade commercial ... Everyone has written that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country story and I’ve followed the fabulous success of the National Lacrosse League and gasped at some of the attendance numbers that I see ... One of my favorite promotions is gone. After four seasons, the Kansas City Royals are no longer doing their Krispy Kreme donut promotion.

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