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  • What Cramer's Watching Next Week Friday, 3 Feb 2012 | 6:50 PM ET

    Find out what earnings and IPO are in the "Mad Money" host's game plan.

  • The ‘Best of Breed’ Is Working Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012 | 6:45 PM ET

    Stock picking among the best of breed has been a profitable strategy, Cramer noted.

  • Chew on This Investment Strategy Wednesday, 28 Dec 2011 | 7:00 PM ET

    Cramer thinks it could really sweeten your portfolio.

  • Raymond James: Our Best Picks May Double in 2012 Thursday, 15 Dec 2011 | 1:43 PM ET

    Raymond James, an investment bank with $271 billion in client assets, said its best stock selections, which include Nvidia, may double in the next year.

  • A Tale of Two Europes Thursday, 8 Dec 2011 | 5:26 PM ET

    Jim Cramer’s researcher, Nicole Urken, discusses why the ability for McDonald’s and Yum Brands to thrive in this environment speaks to their long-term growth.

  • Chipotle and Panera vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday, 7 Dec 2011 | 6:38 PM ET

    All have similar growth rates but trade at different multiples. Cramer explains why.

  • McDonald’s: Should You Keep Lovin’ It? Monday, 5 Dec 2011 | 5:53 PM ET

    The fast-food franchise’s stock flirted with another high Monday, but a host of other factors will play into the company’s future, “Fast Money” experts said.

  • Cramer: Follow This Conservative Strategy Monday, 28 Nov 2011 | 7:44 PM ET

    Don’t rush out to buy Monday’s big gainers, Cramer says. You don’t need excessive risk to get excessive reward.

  • Small Caps Confirm Bullish Trend For Stocks Thursday, 27 Oct 2011 | 4:30 PM ET

    Small caps closed above a key resistance level, confirming the market's bull trend.

  • Will Panera Bread Keep Rising? Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011 | 6:45 PM ET
    Will Panera Bread Keep Rising?

    Could there be more upside ahead for the stock? Mad Money's Jim Cramer, discusses the outlook for the company, with Ron Shaich, Panera Bread founder/chairman.

  • Cramer Remains Bullish on Panera Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011 | 6:24 PM ET

    Check out his interview with Ron Shaich, founder and executive chairman of Panera Bread.

  • Cramer: 6 Themes Controlling Stocks Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011 | 6:10 PM ET

    Find out what six big themes the “Mad Money” host thinks are controlling individual stock movements this earnings season.

  • Stock Picking by the Individual Investor Isn't Dead Thursday, 13 Oct 2011 | 3:34 PM ET

    Cramer and his researcher, Nicole Urken, discuss why homework—particularly during earnings season—remains important to recognizing the stock winners of the coming years.

  • Chew on This Investment Strategy Thursday, 29 Sep 2011 | 6:33 PM ET

    Cramer thinks it could really sweeten your portfolio.

  • Blum: I’d Work as Cosi’s CEO for $1 a Year Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011 | 4:07 PM ET

    There will be no breaking bread between fast casual food chain Cosi spacer and Brad Blum, Cosi shareholder and restaurant brand turnaround expert.

  • Is Chipotle Too Expensive? Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | 6:12 PM ET

    Expensive restaurant stocks can remain expensive for longer than the typical investment horizon, a 'smart' analyst tells me. Is Chipotle going to be one of those? Its stock jumped 10 percent on news that it opened just one Asian concept restaurant.

  • Chew on This Investment Strategy Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 6:39 PM ET

    Cramer thinks it could really sweeten your portfolio.

  • Chew on This Investment Strategy Friday, 1 Jul 2011 | 7:28 PM ET

    Cramer thinks it could really sweeten your portfolio.

  • Investing in Health Stocks Friday, 1 Jul 2011 | 6:40 PM ET
    Investing in Health Stocks

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer says consumers have become more health conscious.

  • Cramer: Oil Could Go Down to Mid-$80s Monday, 20 Jun 2011 | 3:23 PM ET

    Plus, the “Mad Money” host talks about whether he thinks Greece will leave the euro.