RadioShack Corp


  • RadioShack shares soar on "Buy" rating Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | 12:33 AM ET

    NEW YORK-- Shares of RadioShack Corp. jumped nearly 9 percent Tuesday after a Wall Street analyst boosted her rating for the electronics retailer's stock to "Buy," saying that most of the risks surrounding the shares have already been factored into their price.

  • TEXT-Fitch rates RadioShack's new term loans Monday, 8 Oct 2012 | 3:47 PM ET

    Oct 8- Fitch Ratings has taken the following rating actions on RadioShack Corporation. The ratings reflect the significant decline in RadioShack's profitability, which has become progressively more pronounced over the past four quarters.

  • BRIEF-RadioShack increases CFO base pay Friday, 5 Oct 2012 | 5:24 PM ET

    *Effective September 26 increased Dorvin Lively annual base pay from $625,000.

  • *UBS cuts RadioShack Corp price target to $1.5 from $2; rating sell. Reuters Station users, click. 1568. Reuters Station users, click. 4899.

  • NEW YORK, Oct 2- Small- and mid-capitalization stocks were flat to higher o n Tuesday, though shares of RadioShack extended their recent losing streak.

  • **ARQULE INC, $2.30, down 53.9 pct The biotechnology company and Japan's Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd. **GENERAL MOTORS, $23.82, up 3 pct. Hedge fund manager David Einhorn said auto-maker General Motors "is much healthier now," and is getting its product refreshments "right."

  • Cramer's Mad Dash: RadioShack     Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012 | 9:28 AM ET

    Jim Cramer explains what to watch ahead of the open, including RadioShack same-store sales down 4%.

  • Best Buy Earnings Breakdown     Thursday, 29 Mar 2012 | 8:18 AM ET

    Best Buy beats on the top line but revenues fall short. Insight with Brian Nagel, Oppenheimer & Co., who says Best Buy plans to shut down 50 big box stores.

  • Analyst Upgrades RadioShack     Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 2:33 PM ET

    Alan Rifkin, Barclays Capital, explains why he upgraded RadioShack after he had a "sell" on the stock for years.

  • RadioShack Plunges     Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 12:12 PM ET

    Shares of RadioShack are falling off a cliff today after the electronics retailer warned Q4 earnings would come in well below analyst expectations, with the Fast Money team.

  • RadioShack Stock Plummets     Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 10:49 AM ET

    Discussing whether RadioShack's Q4 results is a sign of long-term changes in the struggling electronics retailers business, with Michael Lasser, UBS hardline retail analyst.

  • Radioshack Guides Lower, Blames Sprint     Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 9:41 AM ET

    CNBC's David Faber has the details on Radioshack blaming Sprint's postpaid wireless business for its Q4 results.

  • Buffett: Sun Shining on Solar Bets Friday, 20 Jan 2012 | 2:15 PM ET
    Solar panels at a solar photovoltaic power station under construction in Xining of Qinghai Province, China.

    In 2011, Warren Buffett's adherence to this belief drove him to invest in some of the most disliked and troublesome companies and industries out there — that includes the solar industry.

  • Warren Buffett's Big Solar Play Friday, 9 Dec 2011 | 1:50 PM ET
    Warren Buffett

    Fans of Warren Buffett may be tempted to follow his company's lead and load up on alternative energy at this time. Taking into consideration the current market environment, however, this is one Buffett play conservative investors might want to monitor from the sidelines.

  • Solar Swoon Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 5:40 PM ET

    Over the past week or so, it seems investors have been running for the exits in solar with the TAN down about 6% over that period.

  • Your First Move For Wednesday August 24th Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 6:32 PM ET

    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • Radioshack Dumps T-Mobile     Tuesday, 26 Jul 2011 | 5:14 PM ET

    Radioshack is well positioned to capture smartphone/tablet boom, says Anthony Scaramucci, Skybridge Capital.

  • Pros: Future of Energy at Potential Crossroads? Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011 | 1:41 PM ET

    In the race to generate more electricity, did Japan's nuclear worries just catapult another fuel to the front runner position?

  • Japan's share prices plunged across the board after reports of rising radiation.

    While Tuesday's sharp drop in global stocks may have seemed like panic selling, it's far from the 2008 market meltdown that devastated many investors' portfolios.

  • Greenberg: One Solar Bear’s Reality Check Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011 | 11:44 AM ET

    As solar stocks continue to fly in reaction to Japan’s nuclear worries, solar bear Gordon Johnson of Axiom Capital continues to scratch his head.