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Ruth's Hospitality Group Inc


  • As beef prices soar, chicken struts into spotlight Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 | 2:29 PM ET

    Move over, beef. Chicken demand is jumping as beef prices rise and health-conscious consumers gravitate toward poultry.

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    It’s time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

  • It’s time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

  • Lightning Round: Visa, Micron & More Thursday, 6 Jun 2013 | 6:43 PM ET

    It’s time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

  • Now Hiring: Restaurants to the Rescue Friday, 5 Oct 2012 | 3:25 PM ET

    As the markets continue to focus on today's monthly non-farm payrolls numbers, a breakdown of the data show that hiring has been strong within the restaurant industry.

  • Six Pack: Beer Buzz of the Week Friday, 5 Oct 2012 | 2:41 PM ET

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  • Stocks You May Love On Valentine's Day Monday, 8 Feb 2010 | 9:05 AM ET

    Valentine's day is less than one week away.  While historically, the U.S. major indexes have not shown much love on Valentine's Day nor the week after, there are stocks that may benefit on this day of friendship and love...

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    The Discover Card’s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey reveals the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  Here are some companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

  • Retailers "Re-Tooling" In Down Economy: Your Emails Wednesday, 28 May 2008 | 3:27 PM ET

    Last week I posted some features on interesting ways that retailers are refocusing to foster growth during this period of contraction. Far and away the most viewer email came in response to my feature on Texas Roadhouse.

  • $135: The Biggest Loser Thursday, 22 May 2008 | 6:10 PM ET

    As oil surpasses $135 for the first time you know who benefits – but who's the biggest loser?

  • Steak

    Beef makes up almost half of Roadhouse’s cost of goods. When Hart noticed a spread in the cash and futures prices for beef this past September, he decided to start purchasing 25% of the company’s beef supply from vendors at spot market prices instead of via long-term contracts with vendors.

  • Fast Message - We Answer Your Questions Tuesday, 4 Mar 2008 | 6:45 PM ET

    Time to sort through the Fast Money in-box and answer more of your questions. Marcus writes, what do you think about Ruth’s Chris (RUTH)? Is it an early consumer discretionary play?

  • Wining And Dining Remains Close To The Heart Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008 | 4:59 PM ET

    Valentine's Day is traditionally the second most popular day of the year to dine out, and the industry can expect a healthy turnout— over $1.5 billion -- this year, even if other areas are seeing a pullback.

  • Card, Jewelry & Restaurant Companies To Love Monday, 11 Feb 2008 | 9:14 AM ET

    Part III in a series - Even more companies that you may love this Valentine's Day...

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.Investing can be confusing. Luckily, Cramer has mapped out some road rules for all you Home Gamers trying to navigate the jungle that is Wall Street. Think of it as "Mad Money 101" –- some fundamental advice to keep in mind as you play the market. Whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned financier, it's always good to remember the basics.

  • Ruth's Chris CEO: High End Consumers Sizzling Sunday, 3 Dec 2006 | 8:51 PM ET
    Ruth Chris Steak House

    Ruth's Chris Steak House became Ruth's Chris Steak House--after Ruth Fertal bought Chris Steak House in New Orleans, Louisiana. That was in 1965 and she paid $22,000 for the restaurant (she combined the names). Now--the high end eatery has 100 locations around the world. And it seems the steak business is sizzling. The stock was up about 2 percent today.