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  • This morning's Wall Street theme might be "running in place". But Tuesday could see more action, with plenty of potential market moving events on the docket. Right now, U.S. stock index futures are pointing to a higher opening, and overseas markets have generally been higher as well.

  • Sequenom fell by 75 percent overnight in late April after it revealed that some employees had mishandled data and results for its Down syndrome test. The genetic-analysis company fell as low as $2.86 after that debacle, but yesterday its stock rallied back 58 percent.

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    Following are the “Fast & Furious” trades - hot ways to play tomorrow's market moving events.

  • Sequenom

    Shares of San Diego-based Sequenom are sinking on huge trading volume. The company shocked investors after the closing bell yesterday when it issued this press release announcing that its data couldn't be trusted.

  • At least one large options trader is placing a major bet on the upside for genetic analysis company Sequenom.

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    This company makes its money in a very unique way. But is the stock worth buying?

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  • Since announcing a merger with Wyeth, drugmaker Pfizer has slipped 13%. So, how should trade healthcare?

  • Sequenom

    I need a break from blogging all-things Pfizer. Sequenom to the rescue with more data on its diagnostic test for Down Syndrome. Out of nearly 900 women there were no false negatives, but for the first time SQNM reported one false positive.

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  • This company could revolutionize pregnancy testing, Cramer says, and make you a ton of money in the process.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.