• Your Questions About $3 Gas, Tata Motors And More Thursday, 3 May 2007 | 8:50 PM ET

    Megan from Ohio asks which low end retailers might see a boost off $3 gasoline?  And Ed from Las Vegas is asking about Tata Motors (TTM) an automotive company in India that just had an 11% increase in shipments in April.

  • It's Time for the Lightning Round! Friday, 30 Mar 2007 | 6:42 PM ET

    Cramer had a few special "callers" for tonight's edition of the Lightning Round. You won't want to miss this one.Investing can be confusing. Luckily, Cramer has mapped out some road rules for all you Home Gamers trying to navigate the jungle that is Wall Street. Think of it as "Mad Money 101" –- some fundamental advice to keep in mind as you play the market. Whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned financier, it's always good to remember the basics.

  • Supervalu Profits Up 51%, Aided By Albertson's Deal Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | 10:06 AM ET

    Grocery-store chain Supervalu  said quarterly profits jumped 51%, helped by the company's acquisition of Albertson's grocery stores.