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  • The third quarter has past and for investors seeking dividends, they can be glad.  Standard & Poor's said yesterday that third-quarter dividend increases this year were the worst on record. Dividend payments during the third quarter fell 44.8% from a year ago, with only 191 of about 7,000 public companies -tracked by S&P- increasing their payouts.

  • Shoppers in a toy aisle at a Target store.

    Target has agreed to pay a $600,000 civil penalty for importing and selling a variety of toys with high levels of lead paint on the surface.

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    Retailers, take a cue from Wal-Mart Stores: Shoppers will again be making a list and checking it twice this holiday season. A fresh survey from The Nielsen Company forecasts holiday sales to be flat with last year's dismal results.

  • Warner Brothers

    The movie industry has been ruled by very specific rules about how and when different home video formats are released. The idea is that home video -- DVDs and video-on-demand -- has to come out long enough after a theatrical film release to keep moviegoers driving to movie theaters and paying for tickets.

  • Christmas Decoration

    I used to love Christmas-the gift giving, the time with family, the chance to eat like a pig, and the solemnity of candlelight services on Christmas Eve celebrating God's humble entry into the world. Now it just depresses me.

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    Retail staffs are much more experienced than they were one year ago. This may allow companies to cut back on recruiting and training costs, as well as improve their customer service this holiday season.

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    This week Toys 'R Us announced it was opening new "Holiday Express" toy stores in malls and Babies 'R Us locations across the country. Although much of the buzz around this announcement focused on the "pop-up", or temporary, stores it is opening in malls as part of this effort, the space the company is dedicating to toys in its more than 260 Babies 'R Us stores shouldn't be ignored.

  • Both the Dow and S&P 500 closed higher on Friday as investors focused on the bright side of a mixed payrolls report. So, what's in store for Tuesday?

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    What we are witnessing now in the world of branding and marketing is a correction, running parallel to the economic one. It is a correction of the misperception that brands can get by on empty promises, and bling so brightly as to blind people to reality.

  • Both the Dow and S&P closed higher on Thursday ending a four-day losing streak after stronger-than-expected retail data boosted economic recovery hopes.

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    Stocks snapped their four-day losing streak Thursday as bank, gold and retail stocks shares advanced.

  • Major indexes pushed higher Thursday as bank and gold shares advanced. But gains were modest as investors were disappointed that the service sector didn't move into expansion mode.

  • With the market trending higher and a critical jobs report due Friday morning, how should you be positioned?

  • Major indexes pushed higher Thursday as bank and gold shares advanced. But gains were modest as investors were disappointed that the service sector didn't move into expansion mode.

  • China's Shanghai Index rose 4.8 percent, as Chinese officials now routinely verbally manipulate the markets, this time after a securities regulator said the markets were healthy and pledged to keep it stable.

  • Stocks were poised for a positive open amid a rough week, though futures sold off just a bit after the weekly jobless claims report showed that employment remains a sticking point for the economic recovery.

  • Luxury retail companies have been beaten down heavily due to the financial crisis, but they’re slowly starting to make a comeback as consumers start to open their wallets again, said David Schick, luxury retail analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, and Scott Krugman, vice president at National Retail Federation.

  • I am grateful to AIG because on an otherwise excruciatingly slow day, it is the subject of much speculation.

  • Cramer is finding many reasons to celebrate Tuesday, with good news coming from many places inside and outside the market.