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  • Lennar is seeing a feeding frenzy of bearish options trading, as hedge fund managers circulate rumors that the homebuilder has hired a bankruptcy law firm.

  • At the risk of redundancy I'll ask it again: Is he? Is President Obama effin' CRAZY? President Obama blames the continuing global financial crisis for the unmitigated carnage on Monday, when the Dow fell below 7000 and closed down 300 points (or 4.2%) at a 12-year low of 6763.

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    In the last couple of months, as the economy has turned sour, we've seen a couple companies offer deals that don't leave customers out in the cold if they lose their jobs.

  • US stocks index futures made a tentative push higher ahead of the open Wednesday as investors braced for the latest round of economic data and looked for direction from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

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    In this Web Extra the traders game earnings from Costco, BJ's and Toll Brothers and much more.

  • Stocks limp into March at 12-year lows, amid signs the market could still be heading south.

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    In this Web Extra the traders game a slew of market moving events in the week ahead including employment data, retail figures, earnings and more.

  • The stories of the day that affect your wallet.

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    First it was Hyundai, with its radical offer to let you give the car back if you lose your job. Now it’s Toll Brothers, offering to make the monthly payments.

  • Futures are essentially flat this morning, but don't kid yourself. Every comment from traders I have received this morning sings the same song: we must get government policy sorted out in the next few weeks, or the market will make new lows.

  • Stock index futures indicated just a small rise at the open following Tuesday's sharp selloff, as investors continued to sift through the details of the governments new bank bailout plan.

  • Home builder Toll Brothers reported a sharp drop in first-quarter revenue Wednesday, but said it had enough liquidity to get it through the current turmoil in the industry.

  • Plus, a look at what the stimulus package means for the homebuilders, Washington's plans for the banks and executive compensation.

  • Yesterday Toll Brothers said they would offer 3.99 percent 30-year mortgages, a full 1.25 points below the current rate. Now Chrysler is expected to announce a new round of incentives.

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    As the home builders en masse continue to beg for a home buying stimulus from Congress that includes a government-subsidized mortgage rate buy-down, luxury home builder Toll Brothers is getting ahead of the game.

  • Housing starts and permits were well below expectations, but in the topsy-turvy world today many traders believe that the lower the starts and permits the better, since it means less inventory that needs to be worked off.

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    Hope for a modest recovery in the housing sector spurred by a recent decline in mortgage rates, seems to be a far fetched pipe dream.

  • New reports that home builder Toll Brothers announced they were offering a 30-year fixed rate mortgage for 3.99 percent, a full percentage point below the current rate.

  • The promise of an Obama stimulus package has raised hopes that the battered housing sector will soon stabilize. That's encouraged investors to buy home builder stocks — but Ivy Zelman of Zelman and Associates warns investors to be very selective.

  • We finished the day down, but these two guys were responsible for much of the trading session’s strength, Cramer says.