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  • Cramer’s Mad Money Wind Index

    Looking for a way to measure the sector? This is it.

  • Wind Is In

    Cramer expects wind power to flourish in the coming years. If he's right, Kaydon's the kind of stock you'll want.

  • Nearly 2.2 billion shares and $45 billion traded yesterday in CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.  Here are the bets being made today...

  • Under-The-Radar Oil Trades

    You know that crude is making new records, but enough oil talk already. What’s the best energy trade without trading energy?

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    Dow Dives 199

    As crude oil went higher stocks went lower Tuesday. What's the "Word on the Street?"

  • Thomas & Betts' Second Wind

    This boring old electrical company is actually a stealth play on alternative energy.

  • Cramer's Early Move on MasTec

    This infrastructure play is making big moves into wind power. Get in before Wall Street catches on.

  • Stop Trading!: If Buffet Likes Wind Power...

    You should, too. Cramer offers his top picks for the sector.

  • Mad Mail: Back in the Saddle with Garmin?

    Not so fast, Cramer says. Plus his thoughts on American Superconductor, UBS and more.

  • Cramer: Short Covering Causes Market Drop

    When Fannie Mae has a day like Tuesday but still goes up anyway, what's a bear to do?

  • Sell Block: Tech Is Dead

    What’s more important to you: more expensive gadgets or more efficient energy? Because that’s the difference between old tech and new.

  • Wind-Stock Wins?

    Tetra Tech's expecting much bigger growth than its competitors. Let the CEO explain.

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    Travel Stocks: Don't Leave Home Without Them

    With fuel prices rising, consumer opinion of airlines plunging, and terrorism an ever-present danger, investing in travel stocks might seem like an unusual move for an investor. But Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management thinks the water's fine.

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    Stocks Recover to Finish at 3-Month High

    Terrible consumer sentiment, more record oil and Microsoft's weak earnings weren't enough to keep Friday's market down. But what's in store for next week?

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    Bright Skies for Solar

    With oil and gas prices going parabolic, solar stocks are looking hotter by the day.

  • Otter Tail's Diamond in the Rough

    The company's wind-power division is flawless, Cramer says. If only management would take notice.

  • The Apple of Wind Power?

    This U.S. sector leader might be on the verge of its own iPod moment.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Lightning Round: Honeywell, Google, Exxon and More

    Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • graphic_word_ofthe_street.jpg

    Investors bid the Dow higher as the price of oil and other commodities declined. The rally caps a negative quarter for all the major averages. What's the "Word on the Street?"