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  • We’re looking forward to "something different for 2010...after we survived a very provide a rocky 2009 in the beginning," said Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services.

  • In the corporate world, bigger is often better. When it comes to legendary, industry-changing companies (think Microsoft), the more grandiose plans win out. The same is thought about mergers and acquisitions. Some mergers are so successful that we can’t remember a time when the two companies were distinct: Where would Disney be without Pixar, or J.P. Morgan without Chase?

    Here we look at the top 10 best, and worst, mergers of all time: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Laptop and money

    Newspapers, including The New York Times,  are weighing whether to ask online readers to pay for at least some of what they offer, as a handful of papers, like The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, already do. Indeed, in the next several weeks, industry executives and analysts expect some publications to take the plunge.

  • Dish Network saw a surge in call buying late Friday, as investors positioned for the satellite-television stock to keep climbing in the New Year.

  • When investors talk about commodities, gold and oil are the first ones that come to mind. But are they the commodities you should be looking at now? Frank Holmes, CEO and CIO of US Global Investors, and Mark Hansen, director of trading at CPM Group, shared their insights.

  • Volatility and high volume could well spark wide swings today (Friday), as Wall Street goes through a "quadruple witching day”: the simultaneous expirations of various options and futures contracts. What should investors expect to see in the markets? Thomas Joyce, chairman and CEO of Knight Capital Group, shared his insight.

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    There’s only a few days left to find that perfect gift this holiday season, but with the help of an iPhone, all you may need is a few minutes.

  • In today's trading session, a total of 44 stocks in the S&P 500 reached new 52-week highs. Here is a look at those companies.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Shares of AOL closed lower Thursday, the first day that the former Internet powerhouse resumed life as an independent company.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks advanced, following encouraging reports on jobless claims and the trade deficit. Budding optimism about the recovery made consumer-discretionary stocks the day's best performer. Disney led the Dow.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks pared their gains Thursday after a disappointing 30-year auction. Stocks had been higher all day after encouraging reports on jobless claims and the trade deficit. Budding optimism about the recovery made consumer-discretionary stocks the day's best performer. Disney led the Dow.

  • Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks advanced Thursday after a report showed jobless claims rose but the number of people seeking extended benefits declined, and the trade gap narrowed. Citigroup rose after

  • Dubai, Greece and Spain are...not a problem any more? Seems that way...global markets are higher, including the stock markets of all three of those countries.

  • AOL will begin trading as an independent company on Thursday. Should you hop on this spin-off?

  • Despite continuing worries about markets in Dubai and Greece (down another 6 percent and 2 percent respectively today) the dollar is weaker this morning, and that is helping stocks and commodities. The Japanese revised their GDP dramatically lower, which some argue will keep rates low for the foreseeable future, thus helping the short dollar trade.

  • Microphone and Record

    Today three top music labels are teaming up to launch Vevo, a new music video destination site hosted on YouTube, in an attempt to create a new revenue stream for a struggling industry.

  • Like every other decade, the last 10 years were filled with highs and lows. What may make this decade stand out more than others are the extremes.Fresh off the dud that was the Y2K scare, the dot-com bubble hit its height with the takeover of Time Warner by AOL. The Internet-hype-fueled deal led humor website The Onion to predict the eventual buyout of General Motors by BlairWitchProject.com. A decade later, GM declared bankruptcy and has been bailed out by the U.S. government. Meanwhile, Amazon

    The world is just starting to emerge from unprecedented turmoil in the financial sector, and, having weathered one of the worst global recessions ever, we take a look back at the last 10 years.

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    GE's is in the process of selling a majority stake in NBC Universal to Comcast, which will create a new vertically integrated media giant.

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    A funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon. The world did not end.  While many of us preached doom a year ago, some were sellin’ the hope. Here are predictions for 2010, which are also a bit bold and optimistic.