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    Healthcare moving on debates. Governor Romney's performance last night has investors in certain healthcare sectors a bit nervous. Obamacare is perceived to be a positive for hospitals, slight negative for HMOs. Today, that trade is being reversed: hospital stocks are down, HMOs are up

  • The actual numbers also will depend on how many states decide to expand Medicaid coverage like the overhaul requires. Medicaid is the state and federally funded program that provides coverage for the needy and disabled. The Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that individual states could opt out of this expansion.

  • Stocks erased their gains in the final hour of trading to finish narrowly mixed Friday as investors shrugged off earlier optimism over reports that Spain might request a bailout.

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    Jeff Kilburg, Killir Kapital Management, and CNBC's John Carney, chat about some of the most popular stories today.

  • Stocks ended higher for the fourth-straight session Friday, logging sharp gains for the week, as Wall Street cheered the Federal Reserve’s decision to embark on another round of monetary stimulus.

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    Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell Wednesday.

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    Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell Tuesday:

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    If investors want to return value to shareholders, Jim Cramer said, they should increase their dividends.

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    The Morgan Stanley Healthcare Payors Index has turned negative for the year after falling as much as 4.4 percent in Wednesday’s trading session.

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    Take a look at some of Thursday’s morning movers.

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    The Morgan Stanley Healthcare Payors Index is having its best day in three and a half years.

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    Take a look at some of Thursday's midday movers:

  • If ever there’s been a powerful trading catalyst to reconcile, it’s Obamacare. The Supreme Court decision expected Thursday is all but certain to move stocks.

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    Here are the four U.S.-based health-insurance or benefits management companies with the largest market capitalizations with “buy” ratings from TheStreet Ratings.

  • No matter how the Supreme Court rules, these health care stocks win.

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    How the “Mad Money” host recommends investors position themselves regardless of how the high court rules on health care reform.

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    Investors are seeking the safest investments and want to protect their portfolios from European exposure and unpredictability. These companies generate revenue entirely in the United States, and many of them pay a dividend that is substantially greater than the 10-year note.

  • American healthcare reform

    Insurer UnitedHealth Group sees some parts of the health-care overhaul as sound medicine.  Here's what provisions will remain  regardless of whether the law survives an upcoming Supreme Court ruling.