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  • Farrell: Be Skeptical of This Rally Monday, 8 Sep 2008 | 7:21 AM ET
    Vince Farrell

    A continuation of the volatile trading range is the likely outcome after today's initial reaction on the upside.

  • Game Plan: Time for a Rate Cut? Friday, 5 Sep 2008 | 6:20 PM ET

    Cramer's beating his drum again. Ben Bernanke, prepare yourself.

  • Wells Fargo Responds to Bill Gross Comments Thursday, 4 Sep 2008 | 7:45 PM ET

    Pimco's bond guru was wrong about a recent offering, the bank says.

  • Bill Gross to Paulson: I'm Not Buying It Thursday, 4 Sep 2008 | 7:11 PM ET

    The Treasury secretary has long depended on investors like Pimco to keep failing banks afloat. What does he do now that the option's gone?

  • Florida's Housing Woes: Banks With "Troubled" Exposure Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008 | 12:13 PM ET

    Some interesting intelligence from one of the ground zeroes of the housing market: Florida. Paul Miller of FBR published some financial “ramblings” (his word not mine) on a recent trip to Florida’s West Coast.

  • oil_new_5a.jpg

    Oil prices, which have plunged 26% in the past month and a half, could continue moving lower in the coming weeks, analysts believe.

  • Download the complete CNBC transcript of Warren Buffett's three-hours of live appearances on Squawk Box's August 22 remote from Omaha.

  • Your First Move For Tuesday Sept. 2nd Friday, 29 Aug 2008 | 7:16 PM ET

    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you Tuesday's best trades, right now!

  • Stocks Fall On Dell Earnings Miss Friday, 29 Aug 2008 | 6:14 PM ET

    The Dow tumbled on Friday after a warning by computer maker Dell that companies worldwide are cutting back on technology spending spooked the tech sector.

  • Two Top Financial Stock Picks Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008 | 9:35 AM ET

    U.S. bank Wells Fargo and insurer AFLAC are worth snapping up even though the financial sector has been sold off indiscriminately, because they are steady players that offer strong long-term growth, Jason Pride, director of research from Haverford Trust told CNBC Wednesday.

  • Dow Drops Over 200 Points Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | 5:51 PM ET

    The Dow fell sharply on Monday as credit concerns hounded financial stocks while global growth worries hurt big technology and industrial companies.

  • A big drop in oil provided nice support for stocks. Oil went from $114 to $121, then all the way back to $114, in two days! Stocks were drifting lower midday Friday, but when oil started moving down aggressively, the market stabilized, and a few sectors like airlines and retailers had modest rallies. Financials also stabilized today, though they are down for the week.

  • Three Big Questions: FNM, China, S&P 1,300 Friday, 22 Aug 2008 | 3:17 PM ET

    There are three big questions floating around on the Street today: First, does the debt of Fannie/Freddie take a haircut? Most traders would say no prior to today, but Ben Bernanke's comments that debt haircuts might be in order for some (he did not specifically say for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) has given many pause...

  • Fast Money Now – Mid-Day Trades for Friday Friday, 22 Aug 2008 | 2:44 PM ET

    Fast Money Now – the trades you need while the market is open

  • Lehman Woes: Sorry, White Knight Is No Answer Friday, 22 Aug 2008 | 1:55 PM ET

    The bottom line on Lehman Bros.: All the talk about a possible investment in Lehman from Korea Development Bank -- or anyone else -- is really beside the point. The reason Lehman has dramatically underperformed even its poorly performing peers this year is the large exposure they have to the worst performing parts of the market.

  • 080822_wbw_3hrs_sqbx_executive.jpg

    Warren Buffett tells our Becky Quick that he has been adding recently to one of the two stakes Berkshire Hathaway already has in a pair of financial stocks: American Express and Wells Fargo.  But, in keeping his custom of not revealing too much, he won't say which one. Even so, investors are bidding up the price of both stocks this morning.  It's just one of many comments Buffett made during a series of live appearances with CNBC's Becky Quick throughout this morning's three hours of Squawk Box. Here's a summary of the highlights.

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  • Options Take Action on Banks and Amylin Thursday, 21 Aug 2008 | 8:30 AM ET

    The options market continues to boil on the outlook for the financial sector and market volatility in general, according to Rebecca Darst of Interactive Brokers. And one pharamceutical company is drawing attention as well.

  • Fast Message - Your Questions About Lehman & More Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | 9:43 PM ET

    Mark writes, “Does Soros’ purchase of 9.5 million shares of Lehman make you more bullish on this name?”

  • Mortgage Hardball, Pt. 3: Happy Ending?! Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | 5:21 PM ET
    Fisher Home

    A happy ending to the saga of Kim and Scott Fisher, whom I've been blogging about for two days. They managed to find a buyer for their home willing to pay more than what they owed WaMu and Wells Fargo -- except they couldn't cover $35,000 in closing costs, and the home was heading into foreclosure. Finally, some good news....