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  • That's the reason this group recently took such a big a hit, Cramer says.

  • Plus, get calls on IPOs and more.

  • Global health care - particularly for poorer nations - has been a focal point at the Clinton Global Initiative since its inception. Whether fighting AIDS, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis or a myriad of other diseases - the commitments made to help the impoverished reach a level of physical health and wellbeing enjoyed by developed nations.

  • Market uncertainty has left some as to whether to buy in or get out. Where should investors look to gain profits? Jamie Cox, Managing Partner, Harris Financial Group and Christopher Zook, chairman and CIO of CAZ Investments shared their market insights.

  • Hint: The real story in the sector has nothing to do with President Obama.

  • Lawrence Glazer, managing director at Mayflower Advisors shared his market insights and told investors where they should be putting their money.

  • U.S. consumer confidence rebounded in August after back-to-back monthly declines, but will the gains continue to fuel the economy? Robert Loest, portfolio manager at Integrity Growth and Income and Stephen Gallagher, chief U.S. economist at Societe Generale discussed their outlooks for the consumer and the economy.

  • With so may investors waiting for a pullback, should you play the market short?

  • As Obama's disapproval rate goes up, so will the companies that he targets.

  • Plus, get calls on health care and much more.

  • Not having a public option in the Obama healthcare reform bill is good for the the larger managed care group, says health care analyst Thomas Carroll of Stifel Nicoluas.

  • Markets are likely to end the year higher and investors need some strong, blue-chip stocks in their portfolios, to counteract the volatility shown by cyclical shares, Bob Doll, global chief investment officer of equities at BlackRock, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Amid the sell off, what level should you be closely watching in the S&P as a level of support?

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    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was doing more selling than buying of stocks during the second quarter, but there is one new holding: New Jersey-based medical technology company Becton Dickinson.  Berkshire also added to its stake in Johnson & Johnson, although the holdings are still well below where they were before Buffett sold over 33 million shares last fall.

  • Plus, get calls on health care, real estate, IPOs and more.

  • Healthcare coverage and the hastle of forms

    For the insurance industry, long an opponent of health care reform, it was a striking change: with a new administration coming to Washington, insurers agreed to abandon some of their most controversial practices, like denying coverage to applicants with pre-existing medical conditions.

  • A hot July for stocks has set the stage for a rally that should run right into August.

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    Wall Street's bull just won't give up, even in the face of crumbling support from oil and the dollar.

  • Stocks declined Wednesday as weak demand for today's Treasury auction and a sharp drop in oil prices dragged on the market. A disappointing durable-goods report didn't help either.

  • Stocks declined Wednesday after a report showed a much sharper drop in durable-goods orders than expected. Plus, a sharp selloff in China dragged on oil prices, which also weighed on the market.