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  • Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman will deliver the latest look at her multi-year turnaround effort when the company reports quarterly earnings Thursday.

  • Autonomy, the U.K. software company, massively overstated its revenues and profits before its acquisition by HP. The FT reports.

  • U.S. stock index futures were slightly lower Tuesday as investors looked to take a breather following a seven-day win streak on the Dow and S&P 500.

  • HP Spectre laptop

    Britain's Serious Fraud Office has joined the U.S. Department of Justice in opening an investigation into Hewlett-Packard's allegations that it was misled when it bought British software maker Autonomy for $11.5 billion.

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    Humans are hardwired to prefer sweet from birth. Sugars are a type of carbohydrate. When we eat carbs, they stimulate the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin.

  • Analysts Had Questioned Autonomy’s Accounting Years Ago

    Hewlett-Packard said the Justice Department has notified the firm that it has opened an investigation into Autonomy.

  • The trick to investing in the fast-moving tech sector is to catch the red flags -- and know when to fold 'em.

  • Hewlett-Packard Walloped by Charge Relating to Fraud

    The scandal at Autonomy has some accountants wondering about the wisdom of new, global standards in the pipeline.

  • Hewlett-Packard Walloped by Charge Relating to Fraud

    Right on the roster of companies that GMI believed to offer a disproportionate risk of something going very wrong in the near future – a so-called Black Swan event – was Hewlett-Packard's name.

  • Tower Bridge and City of London financial district

    When Eventbrite, a start-up based in San Francisco that sells tickets online, decided to open its first international office, the founders turned to the East End of London. The New York Times reports.

  • All this month CNBC’s Fast Money will be bringing you the top 2011 trades from top investors. Shouldn't these names be on your radar?