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  • A new report shows non-network providers are charging insured patients outrageous out-of-network fees. Doctors fault insurers for reimbursing doctors at far lower rates than before.

  • Why Your Super Bowl Party Will Cost More This Year Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 12:54 PM ET

    Chicken wing prices have spiked, making this year's Super Bowl parties more expensive than last year. Maybe it's time to serve bacon instead of wings!

  • Nike and the NFL: Sizing Up the First Year Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 11:19 AM ET
    Official Nike 49ers Super Bowl jersey

    Last year, Nike paid $1.1 billion to clothe the NFL for the next five years. If it goes well, some analysts estimate it could mean half a billion in revenue for each of those five years. However, the first year has not been without hiccups.

  • Why the Wealthiest Benefit Most From Dow 14,000 Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 11:18 AM ET

    With 82 percent of all directly owned stocks in the United States in the hands of the wealthiest five percent of Americans, the gains from the recent stock market surge will go almost entirely to those who are already rich.

  • Ouch! Apple Takes a Big Hit in January Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 11:14 AM ET

    January was the worst month in a very long time for Apple stock. How bad was it?

  • In Biggest IPO Since Facebook, Strength Seen Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 10:37 AM ET
    FILE - In this Sept. 2, 2009 file photo, packaged product is prepared for shipping at the Pfizer plant in Lincoln, Neb. Pfizer Inc. said Thursday, June 7, 2012, that it is spinning off its animal health business into a separate company that will be called Zoetis. The spinoff should be complete by July 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Weaver, file)

    Zoetis, the largest IPO of a U.S. company since Facebook, is showing strength.

  • Travelers has been raising insurance premiums for three years because of severe weather patterns, said Chairman and CEO Jay Fishman told CNBC.

  • In a positive sign for the economy, a new report showed that the pace of growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector picked up while a separate report showed that construction spending rose last month.

  • Consumer Sentiment Gains on Fiscal Deal Optimism Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 9:55 AM ET

    U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly improved in January as Americans felt Washington's deal to avert the "fiscal cliff" at the beginning of the year boded well for the economy, a new survey showed.

  • Pfizer's animal health subsidiary Zoetis raised $2.2 billion in its public offering on Thursday, becoming the largest IPO from a U.S. company since Facebook.

  • US Economy Adds 157,000 Jobs; Rate Up to 7.9% Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 9:47 AM ET
    Sinan Sulaiman speaks to a resume professional at a National Career Fairs job fair in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

    Payrolls rose 157,000 while the unemployment rate edged higher to 7.9 percent, news unlikely to alter the Fed's monetary policy.

  • Automatic Spending Cuts Threaten National Parks Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 9:28 AM ET
    Mount Rushmore National Park

    If Congress can't agree on a deficit-reduction plan soon, vacationers heading to the country's national parks this spring and summer could find reduced staffs, shorter visiting hours and even closings.

  • Chevron Profit Rises Despite Refinery Fire Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 9:21 AM ET

    Chevron posted a rise in quarterly profit as its refining arm managed to improve earnings despite the crippling of the company's oldest refinery last August.

  • How to Disinherit Loved Ones—And Which You Can't Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 8:56 AM ET

    Disinheriting someone can be harsh, and may haunt a family member from beyond the grave, but there may be pragmatic reasons for doing so.

  • A new study found that Americans support increases in payroll taxes and taxing higher incomes for Social Security, but want minimum benefits and cost-of-living adjustments to be increased too.

  • Blast at US Embassy in Turkey Kills at Least One Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 8:33 AM ET
    People stand outside the entrance of the US embassy in Ankara on February 1, 2013 after a blast killed two security guards and wounded several other people.

    A suicide bomber killed a Turkish security guard at the U.S. embassy in Ankara on Friday, blowing the door off a side entrance and sending smoke and debris flying into the street.

  • Beef Price Spike Makes $1 Burger Harder to Stomach Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 2:33 AM ET

    McDonald's popular $1 McDouble cheeseburger, which has lured customers to the Golden Arches since 2008, is getting hard to sustain as rising beef prices threaten the company's profit margin.

  • Dell Buyout Deal Could Come as Soon as Monday Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 1:55 AM ET
    Michael Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell, Inc.

    Dell is nearing an agreement to sell itself to a buyout consortium led by its founder and Chief Executive Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners.

  • In China, Any US Degree Just Won't Do Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 1:32 AM ET

    More Chinese students are enrolled at American colleges than ever before, but US degrees that are not from Harvard aren't widely valued at home. The Christian Science Monitor reports

  • Doubt Is Cast on Firms Hired to Help Banks Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 12:43 AM ET

    Federal authorities are scrutinizing private consultants hired to clean up financial misdeeds like money laundering and foreclosure abuses, taking aim at an industry that is paid billions of dollars by the same banks it is expected to police. The New York Times reports.

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