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  • In a study released recently, , a firm that compiles risk data for use in calculating automobile insurance, put together a list of the cars that are most likely to be pulled over and ticketed on American roads. As it turns out, QPC’s findings indicate that the personality of the driver has more to do with the frequency of being ticketed than the car itself. QPC suggests that people driving cars to express their individuality will be ticketed more than drivers who have selected a vehicle simply t

    Police don't ticket cars, they ticket drivers. But the drivers who get tickets drive certain kinds of cars. See what made the top 10.

  • A phone by Vertu.

    Luxury smartphones are being toned down as manufacturers look to broaden the appeal of their high-end devices.

  • Warren Buffett

    Thursday's Good, Bad and Ugly is all Warren Buffett, talking about a bet he made, how he doesn't like bonds, and his big regret.

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