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  • Pending Home Sales Tumble in May Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008 | 10:04 AM ET

    Pending sales of previously owned U.S. homes plummeted by 4.7 percent in May, far more than expected and a sign of more trouble ahead for the beleaguered housing market, a real estate trade group report showed on Tuesday.

  • Banks "Sweating" Under Construction Loans Monday, 7 Jul 2008 | 10:30 AM ET

    We started to hear rumblings last week about how residential construction loans are weighing heavily on local banks because, big surprise, some of the builders are having trouble keeping up with the payments.

  • Foreclosure

    So Hope Now is doing well. But in all the data and arguing over the data, let’s look at the data for a second. Of the 170,000 mortgages saved in May, 100,000 were repayment plans and 70,000 were modifications.

  • Path to Housing Recovery Paved With Foreclosures Wednesday, 2 Jul 2008 | 2:29 PM ET

    Many U.S. cities where home values have taken a double-digit drop have seen their sales rise by a similar measure as foreclosed homes -- usually a sign of market distress -- are sold off at a discount, paving the way for a recovery.

  • New York City

    It's my favorite day of every quarter. Whether Central Park is turning amber or tulips are rising in the islands of Park Avenue, the quarterly Manhattan Residential Market Report is always the tastiest morsel of the season (who loves her job more than me??).

  • Mortgage

    So what do you do if you’re a developer and the credit crunch is keeping your potential customers away? Well, how about giving buyers the loan yourself! That’s precisely what the developers of a posh Harlem condo building are doing.

  • Mortgage Ruling Could Shock US Banking Industry Monday, 30 Jun 2008 | 3:38 PM ET
    For Sale Signs

    A lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin couple against their mortgage lender could have major implications for banks should a U.S. appeals court agree that borrowers can cancel their loans en masse when their lenders violate a federal lending disclosure law.

  • Home Swapping: Barter in a Bad Market Monday, 30 Jun 2008 | 10:33 AM ET
    Home Swapping

    The idea is that instead of trying to sell your home in a down market, waiting perhaps months and months and lowering the price, thereby lowering your potential buying power for the next home, you simply find someone who has something you want, and you trade.

  • Just The Mention Of Foreclosure Draws A Crowd Friday, 27 Jun 2008 | 1:42 PM ET

    In the midst of reporting earnings from KB Home and Lennar this week, neither of which were particularly pretty, I saw a press release for an auction in Houston that tweaked my interest. The title reads: Greater Houston Real Estate Auction: Sign of the Times.

  • Existing Sales Rise, But Look At What's Selling Thursday, 26 Jun 2008 | 12:03 PM ET
    Existing home sales rising

    According to the Realtors, a full one third of sales are distressed properties. Think about that. Five million home sales expected this year and of those about 1.65 million will be homes that a seller couldn’t afford to keep.

  • Gas Prices Hitting Home? I Don't Think So (Do The Math) Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | 10:43 AM ET
    California Suburbs

    New home sales in May fell 2.5 percent, and everyone is now wondering if rising gas prices are adding fuel, so to speak, to the meltdown in housing. A big article in the New York Times today features a few families who claim it just isn't worth living in the suburbs anymore.

  • Pros' Deeper Look Proves All Real Estate Is Local Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 12:18 PM ET

    The real estate market remains a question mark after the Standard & Poor's/ Case Shiller home price index reported annual losses in every top metropolitan area. This, along with the 66,000 job cuts that hit the financial sector through May, brought the experts to CNBC's Squawk Box to discuss the national real estate picture.

  • Bad Housing Price Numbers And Where They Come From Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | 12:12 PM ET

    S&P C-S looks at prices in the top ten and top twenty markets, and those indexes are down 16.3 percent and 15.3 percent respectively on an annual basis for April. The OFHEO index shows prices nationwide down 4.7 percent from a year ago.

  • Harvard and Housing: A Silver Lining? Monday, 23 Jun 2008 | 1:21 PM ET

    How about a silver lining in the housing crisis? According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies’ “State of the Nation’s Housing 2008,” things are bad now, but social trends will save the day. Here's why...

  • A Plus Side To The Housing Market After All Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | 2:09 PM ET

    I like to think I know everything about home prices, but I learned a few things from Prof. Chip Case at a conference yesterday (one of the men behind the Case-Shiller Home Price Index).

  • Toll Brothers

    Bob Toll doesn't buy the numbers from Commerce. The CEO of Toll Bros. says there's no way new home sales are running as high as the census bean counters claim because they don't include cancellations which are still running around 30 percent.

  • Mortgage-Fraud Crackdown Brings Dozens of Arrests Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | 1:20 PM ET

    More than 400 real estate industry players have been indicted since March—including dozens over the last two days—in a federal crackdown on mortgage fraud.

  • 30-Year Mortgage Rates Near Nine-Month High Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | 12:00 PM ET

    U.S. 30-year mortgage rates continued their ascent this week, reaching their highest level since September 2007, according to a survey released on Thursday by home funding company Freddie Mac.

  • CFO Bill Wheat says they want to sell $400 million worth of land, the bulk of it in Florida, California, Arizona and New Mexico. That would get them to a three year supply.

  • More BofA Builders Conference: Home Supply Discrepancy? Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | 10:15 AM ET
    Home Construction

    Still here at the BofA homebuilders conference. I met with an analyst down in the lobby from a competing investment bank. He's here meeting with reps from the builders and just did Ryland. He says they told him, "We have nothing positive to say about the housing market."


  • Diana Olick serves as CNBC's real estate correspondent as well as the editor of the Realty Check section on CNBC.com.

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