Pharmas Market with Mike Huckman


  Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | 10:40 AM ET

Drug Sales Reps And Doctors: The Real "Pharma's Market"

Posted By: Mike Huckman
As I begin my vacation, I wanted to tell you about a story I did that's airing while I'm away on the new edition of CNBC's "Business Nation" this Wednesday (November 7th) at 9 p and midnight ET. It's about the increasingly strained relationship between drug sales reps and doctors. »Read more
  Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 | 12:57 PM ET

Pharma Stocks To Watch On Monday (And My Time Off)

Posted By: Mike Huckman
I'm taking some much needed time off for a couple of weeks. Actually, our scheduling guru at CNBC, Alex Crippen, told me if I don't use all of the days I've accumulated by the end of next month, I'll lose them. I consider myself a hard worker, but I'm not that generous. So, off I go. »Read more
  Friday, 2 Nov 2007 | 12:04 PM ET

Vertex In The "Vortex" Over Hepatitis C Test Results

Posted By: Mike Huckman
There's a flurry of selling going on this morning in shares of the biopharma Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Overnight the embargo lifted on the long awaited results of the company's mid-stage test on a new type of Hepatitis C drug. Two studies show that six months out 60% and 65% of patients had no detectable virus in their blood. »Read more
  Thursday, 1 Nov 2007 | 1:34 PM ET

AstraZeneca: "Casualty" Of Generic Zocor In Statin Wars

Posted By: Mike Huckman
This morning we got more evidence about the havoc generic Zocor is wreaking on all of the companies that make brand-name statins--the pills to fight cholesterol. AstraZeneca is the latest casualty. On a down day in the markets AZN is one of the biggest losers in the sector. »Read more
  Thursday, 1 Nov 2007 | 9:44 AM ET

Genentech's Avastin: An "Eye Opening" Disclosure?

Posted By: Mike Huckman
Yet another chapter in the unfolding saga of Genentech's Avastin being used instead of Lucentis to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The other day I blogged about the new "Open Letter" on the company's homepage announcing that it's delaying the implementation of its attempted crackdown on the cheaper, similar cancer drug being used... »Read more
  Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007 | 3:36 PM ET

Eli Lilly: Will They Get Lucky With 'One A Day' Cialis?

Posted By: Mike Huckman
Today's the day Eli Lilly was expected to get a Food and Drug Administration decision on the first-ever one-a-day impotence drug. Right now, the company sells Cialis for use as needed. But men could pop this one every day--like an aspirin or multi-vitamin--so the drug would always be "on boa »Read more
  Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007 | 12:21 PM ET

Amylin's Once A Week Byetta: Good Is Not Enough

Posted By: Mike Huckman
This morning Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Alkermes announced the highly anticipated test results on their once-a-week, Type 2 diabetes drug. One analyst recently called this the most important biotech data of the second half of this year. Many expect the drug to become a multi-billion dollar blockbuster. »Read more
  Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007 | 1:05 PM ET

Genentech "Sees The Light" On Avastin?

Posted By: Mike Huckman
In a remarkably candid "Open Letter" on the homepage of its web site Genentech is taking a step back from implementing its new restrictive policy over the use of the cancer drug Avastin in lieu of Lucentis for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of adult blindness. I had recently blogged about the company's action and angry reader response to it. »Read more
  Monday, 29 Oct 2007 | 3:37 PM ET

ASCO: 'Open Door Policy' Levels Playing Field

Posted By: Mike Huckman
TheStreet.com's senior biotech writer Adam Feuerstein broke this story earlier today, but now we've confirmed it independently. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is changing its ways. »Read more
  Monday, 29 Oct 2007 | 11:30 AM ET

Pfizer's Lipitor Vs. Generic: Heart Of The Matter For Me

Posted By: Mike Huckman
Pfizer has been using Dr. Robert Jarvik, the inventor of the Jarvik Artificial Heart, for quite some time now as its Lipitor "celebrity" pitchman. But recently I've noticed something remarkable creeping into his copy--the script he reads for TV and radio spots and the text that appears in the print ads. »Read more

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