Hampton Pearson

CNBC Washington Reporter

Hampton Pearson is CNBC's Washington, D.C., reporter covering economic, financial and political news from the nation's capital. Since joining CNBC in the summer of 1995, Pearson has reported extensively on the Microsoft anti-trust trial, provided the first live reports of the Capital Hill shooting of two police officers and had in-depth coverage of the nationwide United Parcel Service strike. In addition, Pearson regularly reports on the White House, Congress, the Federal Reserve, and a host of legislative and regulatory issues of vital concern to CNBC viewers.

In 2004, Pearson was nominated for a Business News Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for a series of reports on medical device technology.

Prior to joining CNBC, Pearson was chief political reporter for WBZ-TV in Boston from 1987 to 1995, covering local, state and national politics, as well as world events. Additionally, he has been a reporter/producer for the Washington bureau of CBS News and reporter/bureau chief for KRON-TV, San Francisco, where he won a local Emmy Award for Best News Feature in 1984. Pearson has also been a weekend anchor in Milwaukee and San Francisco. He has been covering key presidential news events, including campaigns, inaugurations and summit meetings since 1976.

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