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The Missing Middle Class
Robert Reich, Professor, University of California Berkeley
America's second largest city will increase the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020. Will it help create a new middle class, or slow down job growth? Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich weighs in and explains where he thinks the next middle-class jobs will come from.

A Crowning Achievement?
Robert Frank, Reporter
Ahmed Zayat, Zayat Stables Owner
Will America have its first Triple Crown winner in 37 years? The story of how a horse came from nowhere to compete for the Triple Crown, and how the family which owns American Pharoah is trying to make history, and money at the same time. Reporter Robert Frank talks to the Zayat family, and learns about their remarkable journey.

Learning Your Value
Mika Brzeznski, Author, TV Anchor
How to make sure you get what you're worth at your job, why you stop apologizing, and how to manage work-life balance. Anchor Mika Brzeznski is the author of the new book "Grow Your Value", and she shares her strategies for juggling busy lives.

Fine Wines and Finance
Sharon Epperson, Personal Finance Correspondent
Why you should try something a little different on your next date night. Bring the romance and champagne, but bring along a calculator too. Every once in a while have a date to talk money and finance, and keep an important part of your relationship on track. Reporter Sharon Epperson talks to a couple who does just that.

COMING UP NEXT WEEK ON THE MONEY: Celebrate National Donut Week with the CEO of Dunkin' Donuts, Nigel Travis.

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