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Is Soda The New Tobacco?
Rick Berman, Center for Consumer Freedom Executive Director
San Francisco wants to alert residents to what it says are the dangers of soda by requiring soda ads to include health warnings, similar to what's found on cigarette ads. Is it overkill? Center for Consumer Freedom Executive Director Rick Berman sounds off on whether we should be monitoring people's sweet tooth.

An App A Day
Bertha Coombs, Reporter
Can an app a day keep the doctor away? Reporter Bertha Coombs finds out from a group of doctors and patients who is using the Apple Watch to fight against diabetes.

The Return of Roller Coasters
Arthur Levine, About.com Theme Park Expert
The theme park business is on the upswing with more roller coasters debuting this year than at any time since 2008. About.com Theme Park Expert Arthur Levine reviews the ones not to miss and explains how you can afford to ride them all this summer.

Staycation Savings
Sharon Epperson, Personal Finance Correspondent
Staying home for a summer vacation? Don't despair. Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson shares tips on how to have a staycation to remember.

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