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  • Syria: What the public thinks     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:52 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood is in Midwest City, Oklahoma after spending 24 hours with Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK. The public is voicing its opinion on the sequester, and Syria.

  • Money & divorce     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:50 PM ET

    Two researchers at the Federal Reserve watched 30,000 couples over 14 years, and concluded that the more mismatched they were financially, the more likely they are to divorce.

  • Syria, sequester & defense     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:42 PM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on the cost of President Obama's proposed military strike. CNBC contributor Ben White discusses the market impact of a potential U.S. strike in Syria.

  • Is this hedge fund using its 'common sense?'     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:42 PM ET

    The founder of Common Sense Investment Management Jim Bisenius has been busted in a prostitution sting. CNBC's John Carney has the details.

  • Samsung watch unveiled     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:35 PM ET

    A look at Samsung's unveil of its new smartwatch. Tyler Thoreson, Gilt Man editorial and creative head, says the "idea of wearable tech is still a bit dubious" to him, adding "a watch versus Google Glass has more potential."

  • Seeing continued housing recovery: Huskey     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:17 PM ET

    Mortgage applications moved up 1.3 percent last week, while applications for purchasing homes was down less than 1 percent, reports CNBC's Diana Olick. Budge Huskey, Coldwell Banker Real Estate CEO, discusses how the move in interest rates moved buyers to move quicker and buy earlier.

  • Auto sales pace expected to top 16 million     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:13 PM ET

    Pick-up trucks continue to be a big driver for the "Big 3" auto manufacturers. CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports the auto industry is expected to continue to trend higher from here.

  • Another trading glitch     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:03 PM ET

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs reports Nasdaq is saying its SIP failed this morning, and the outage lasted about 6 minutes. CNBC's Mary Thompson, and "Fast Money" trader Jon Najarian, offer insight.

  • SAC announce retention program: Kelly     Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports SAC Capital is announcing a staff retention program today.

  • Car buyers leasing more     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:55 PM ET

    Automakers are seeing a record high amount of auto leasing. CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports.

  • Asking 'The Profit' for help     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:46 PM ET

    CNBC's "The Profit" airs tonight at 10 PM EST. Marcus Lemonis shares a preview for tonight's episode. Marcus offers advice to the co-owners of an American made menswear business in New York called FELTRAIGER. Co-owners Dan Feldman and Jon Feldman join to discuss.

  • Apple issues official invites     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:32 PM ET

    With a deal between Microsoft and Nokia and Apple issuing an official invitation CNBC's Seema Mody focuses on the smartphone space.

  • Gold back above $1,400 on Syria tensions     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:31 PM ET

    Gold rose to a 3.5 month high of $1,433.31 an ounce last week, but has since retreated. CNBC's Bertha Coombs has the details.

  • ISM best in over 2 years     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:29 PM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on upbeat economic data. Both the ISM manufacturing report, as well as construction spending data will play a role in the Fed's thinking.

  • Syria impact on oil & gold     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:25 PM ET

    As Congress prepares to vote on President Obama's plan for military action in Syria, traders are keeping an eye on the impact to gold and oil. Mihir Dange, Grafite Capital, and Jeffrey Grossman, BRG Brokerage, offer insight.

  • Which way will Congress vote?     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:17 PM ET

    Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) explains why he thinks President Obama's strategy for taking military action in Syria is lacking, and questions what could happen "the day after." Also, Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA) says "as it stands today," she is voting no for President Obama's military plan in Syria, saying "the case has not been made."

  • September: A month of concerns, market worries Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:20 PM ET

    Struggling with threat of an attack on Syria, the market finished August lower. Was this a harbinger of things to come? Investors have much to consider during the coming weeks.

  • CBS deal ends Time Warner Cable blackout     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:11 PM ET

    Time Warner Cable was feeling the heat during its CBS blackout, as subscribers await the NFL season. CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports that we can expect to see more digital alternatives to cable ahead.

  • September comes in like a bull     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:09 PM ET

    Discussing the current market environment, and why to stay positive on equities long-term through the year and into 2014, with Kenny Polcari, O'Neil Securities, and Bill Stone, PNC Asset Management.

  • Surge at the Nasdaq     Tuesday, 3 Sep 2013 | 1:08 PM ET

    CNBC's Seema Mody reports on which stocks on the Nasdaq 100 are edging higher.

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