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  • Extreme turbulence inflight  Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | 1:15 PM ET

    CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports 15 people were injured on an aircraft traveling from Japan to Texas, due to extreme turbulence.

  • Travel opportunities after Cuba change  Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | 1:10 PM ET

    Discussing the potential boost to travel after policies changes between the U.S. and Cuba, with Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly managing partner.

  • US and Cuba on same page?  Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | 1:07 PM ET

    John Kavulich, U.S.-Cuba Trade & Economic Council, says the Cuban government hates uncertainty, and what President Obama announced on Cuba import policy is an avalanche of uncertainty.

  • Negotiation with Cuba unfair: Arcos  Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | 1:04 PM ET

    Sebastián Arcos, FIU Associate Director of Cuban research, shares his concern about the way Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison.

  • Cuba: Forbidden Fortune Wednesday, 2 May 2012 | 12:24 AM ET

    Michelle Caruso-Cabrera brings viewers the story of the country’s government reforms and potential.

  • $46K for playing on her phone Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 | 9:11 AM ET

    Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise pitches his competition gaming platform. Will the "Power Pitch" panel say game on—or game over?

  • Will the Fed say buh-bye to 'considerable time?' Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 4:55 PM ET
    Janet Yellen

    "Considerable time" may be on its way out. But the Fed needs to be careful not to send signals to the market it will take back later.

  • This could be Putin's surprise move: Expert Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 4:09 PM ET
    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    There is a sense of panic in Russia, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia told CNBC Tuesday. Here's what he thinks President Putin might do.

  • Why T-Mobile is offering data rollover: CEO Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 2:44 PM ET
    John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile at Code Mobile.

    T-Mobile's plan to allow customers to roll over unused data attacks an infuriating aspect of wireless plans, CEO John Legere said.

  • Russia's ruble ripple  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:49 PM ET

    Harvey Sawikin, Firebird co-founder, discusses the reduction of Russian exposure and his strategy, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • Grey swan upon us: Pro  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:43 PM ET

    Chris Hyzy, U.S. Trust, and Doug Sandler, Riverfront Investment Group, discuss the best way to play markets going into 2015.

  • T-Mobile announces rollover data  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:34 PM ET

    Introducing "Data Stash," T-Mobile CEO John Legere tells CNBC's Jon Fortt, if you don't use it, you don't lose it, regarding data.

  • Oil in oversold territory: Pro  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:26 PM ET

    The oil trade, with Alan Harry, Harry RE Trust CEO.

  • Russia and oil weigh down GE  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:26 PM ET

    The ruble's impact on the Russian exposed General Electric, reports CNBC's Mary Thompson.

  • Apple at 6-week low  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:21 PM ET

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs tracks the Nasdaq's moves in relation to energy prices.

  • Fed Survey: GDP forecast 3% next year  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:19 PM ET

    According to the Fed Survey, 3.0 percent GDP for the U.S. is projected, reports CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • Disinflation from oil immediate risk: Pro  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:13 PM ET

    Paul Christopher, Wells Fargo Advisors, expects more volatility before stability in oil prices.

  • Pisani: Market unsure of next move  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:11 PM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani dissects "strange" and volatile trading patterns on Wall Street.

  • Late day comeback in Europe  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:11 PM ET

    CNBC's Seema Mody finds Europe's biggest winners and losers in today's trade.

  • House passed new Russian sanctions Saturday  Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | 1:07 PM ET

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest commented on economic policy in Russia, reports CNBC's John Harwood.

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