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  • Don't confuse stock markets with overall economy  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 5:40 AM ET

    Todd Horwitz, author and founder at AverageJoeOptions.com, talks about the US stock markets and says that if you're a stock picker there will always be something to find -- but not in the general market.

  • To succeed in retail, go online!  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 5:20 AM ET

    For retail businesses to succeed this Christmas, they must have a good online presence, says Jan Kniffen, CEO at J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises, as footfall in malls is either stagnant or falling.

  • Why we shouldn't fear falling prices: Pro  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 5:00 AM ET

    Catherine Wood, Founder & CEO at ARK Investments, says that falling prices in oil is "very good news" for developed countries like China, and also comments on the technology sector when it comes to deflation.

  • Will NATO do anything about Russia?  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 5:00 AM ET

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses the Russia-Ukraine crisis, prior to the arrival of President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Australia.

  • There could be "damaging political implications" for Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff in the fallout from the Petrobras scandal, which could also affect investors directly says Jimena Blanco, senior analyst for Latin America at Maplecroft.

  • Ding App: Receive 'value instantly'  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 4:50 AM ET

    Mark Roden, Founder & CEO of Ding, talks about his new business, which sends top-ups to phones in emerging markets, transferring small amounts of money instantly.

  • How to solve the euro zone's growth problem  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 4:20 AM ET

    Kerry Craig, market strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, says we should be more optimistic about Europe's economy, and that getting credit growth going will be "crucial" for small businesses to expand.

  • China, Russia energy deals: Good opportunity?  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 4:20 AM ET

    David Staples, managing director at Moody's, discusses the opportunities and risks of Russia and China striking up deals in energy and gas.

  • G-20 summit: Need for 'structural reform'  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 4:10 AM ET

    There is a strong focus on monetary policy and trade at the G-20 summit, according to New Zealand's Finance Minister, Bill English, who discusses the need for structural reforms.

  • How should we trade the euro?  Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | 4:00 AM ET

    John Hardy, FX strategist at Saxo Bank, comments on the mixed euro zone GDP numbers. He advises investors to watch for "signals" from the European Central Bank about the prospective transition towards quantitative easing.

  • What will oil do to Walmart Q3?  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 5:50 AM ET

    Patrick McKeever, managing director of MKM Partners, talks about Walmart's third-quarter earnings and whether the fall in oil prices will impact consumer spending.

  • Billionaires lust over artwork at Christie's: CEO  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 5:30 AM ET

    Philip Hoffman, CEO of The Fine Art Fund Group says there was a "substantial demand" for the artwork at the Christie's Sale and expects to see around a billion dollars worth of artwork sold on Thursday.

  • US markets and rate hikes  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 5:00 AM ET

    Michael S. Newton, portfolio manager and director of Wealth Management at ScotiaMcLeod talks about the New York Fed president, William Dudley's recent speech on the risk of premature tightening outweighing the risks of moving too late, when it comes to rate hikes.

  • American Eagle Outfitters comes to Europe  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 4:40 AM ET

    Simon Nankervis, executive vice president of Global Commercial Business at American Eagle Outfitters talks about his company's entrance into the European markets as "appropriate" timing, as well as his opinions on competition with other retail brands and the digital era.

  • Japan: 12 months until sales tax hike?  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 4:30 AM ET

    Simon Derrick, chief currency strategist at BNY Mellon says now the market is starting to acknowledge that there may be a serious "postponing" the date of the sales tax hike in Japan, which could be as much as "12 months", due to the rumored snap election.

  • Russia intentions with the Ukraine incursion  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 4:20 AM ET

    Otilia Dhand, vice president at Teneo Intelligence talks about Russia's intentions and strategies at keeping Ukraine out of the European Union and NATO.

  • Russia's 'unattractive' economy: CEO  Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | 4:00 AM ET

    Tim Harris, CEO at Harris Capital Associates Strategy says that the sanctions are "really working" especially when combined with the oil price, which will lead to economic data coming out of Russia which could be "unattractive".

  • BoE cuts UK growth forecast  Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014 | 5:30 AM ET

    Bank of England governor Mark Carney, discusses the central bank's inflation outlook and growth projection.

  • Hawk or dove? 'I'm a pragmatist', says BoE's Carney  Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014 | 5:30 AM ET

    Responding to a question from CNBC about his policy stance, Bank of England governor Mark Carney, says he is a "pragmatist".

  • We are 'data dependent': BoE's Carney on rate rise  Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014 | 5:30 AM ET

    Bank of England governor Mark Carney, says an interest rate rise is data dependent.

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