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  • UK Economy: Bad performance in output levels  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Chief UK Economist at Deutsche Bank, George Buckley says that whilst the U.K.'s economy is doing well in terms of growth rates. But it is one of the "worst performing economies" when it comes to level of output, with only a growth of three to three and half percent, compared to before the crisis.

  • Technology: New York is 'better' for business  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    CEO of Telemetry, Anthony Rushton says that he and many others "don't subscribe to the tech city vibe", as people are "more receptive" to the tech sector in New York, compared to London.

  • Draghi: 'Right leadership' for this situation  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Professor of Management Practice in Financial Risk Management at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Dr. Martin Hellmich says ECB President Mario Draghi is well "adapted" for managing this situation, as he's managed so many "diverging interests" of different national central banks.

  • Capgemini: 'Healthy Business'  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    CFO of Capgemini, Aiman Ezzat says that the group is operating in an overall "strong market" with a double digit organic (revenue) growth rate in the USA and having "patchy" success across Europe, despite the current economic landscape in Europe.

  • Japan's economy: Looking up?  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Nikkei Correspondent Hidemi Naganuma says private sector economists appear "upbeat" about Japan's current economic situation, saying it is "ready" for a sales tax hike.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Innovation is 'accelerating'  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Fund Manager of Polar Capital, Daniel Mahony says that overall in the pharmaceutical sector, the pace of innovation is "accelerating" in drugs, medical devices and health care technology.

  • 18 months to 'be nice' at Ryanair  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    CEO of Ryanair, Michael O'Leary says that from March 2013 and September 2014, Ryanair worked on "positively addressing" its customer service including website/mobile design, as the company wasn't taking in "new aircraft deliveries" or had any capacity growth.

  • Republicans set to push through budget bills: Pro  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 5:45 AM ET

    David Payne, senior vice president of VOX Global, says while he does not expect any new "mega" legislation to get signed off following the Republican victory in the midterms, he expects budget bills to get to the White house earlier than before.

  • Christine Short, senior vice president at financial estimates platform Estimize says U.S. earnings season has been strong with six out of 10 sectors in the S&P expecting double digit growth, but the strong dollar is still weighing on firms.

  • Beyonce teams up with Topshop as group moves in on US  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 5:22 AM ET

    CNBC's Tania Bryer speaks to Beyonce about her upcoming collaboration with Topshop and chairman of parent group Arcadia, Philip Green discusses his group's U.S. expansion plans.

  • Jimmy Chamberlain, former drummer of Smashing Pumpkins, swapped touring as a musician for startup LiveOne, a social media application which aims builds social, interactive experiences around live events such as concerts.

  • Republicans will pressure the Fed more: Pro  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 5:00 AM ET

    Boris Schlossberg, managing director of BK Asset Management says the Republicans tend to put more pressure on the Federal Reserve and the U.S. dollar looks much stronger as a result of the Republican win in the midterm elections.

  • Find a cleaner online: Hassle at Web Summit  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 4:30 AM ET

    Hassle.com, a company which allows customers to find and book nearby cleaners through their website, talked to CNBC at Web Summit. CEO, Alex Depledge said that whilst their Q1 and Q2 took advantage of the "ripe conditions", money seems more ring-fenced towards growth companies in the "hard-tech space".

  • Toyota could overshoot profit guidance: Analyst  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 4:25 AM ET

    Analyst at Japan's Credit Suisse Securities, Masahiro Akita says that there's still "potential" for Toyota to overshoot its annual operating profit guidance, due to its extra cost improvements, pricing and new model launches.

  • Lundin: Confident in oil price turnaround: CEO  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 4:15 AM ET

    CEO of Lundin Petroleum, Ashley Heppenstall says the group will continue to invest in exploration projects despite the oil price decline, as he believes the oil price will turn around eventually.

  • Intuit: Filing your taxes via mobile  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 4:05 AM ET

    CEO of Intuit, Brad Smith says having now served 55 million customers globally, the group wants to provide the "lowest cost solution" to file people's taxes easily. To Intuit, filing your taxes via mobile will be a "huge opportunity".

  • Euro Zone looking 'grim': Pro  Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 | 4:00 AM ET

    Managing Director of Spiro Sovereign Strategy, Nicholas Spiro says that whilst Spain is doing "relatively well", the overall picture of the euro zone is "fairly grim" as what little growth the euro zone had, is now in danger of being "snuffed out".

  • UK economy: Still doing 'quite well'  Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Helia Ebrahimi says that despite the drop in U.K. private sector activity, the U.K's economy is "humming along nicely" compared to the euro zone, and is above trend in growth and employment levels.

  • Sumitomo Metal Mining to build near Fukushima  Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014 | 7:00 PM ET

    Nikkei Correspondent at The Nikkei, Makiko Utsuda says the firm aims to double its production capacity of material which is essential in making electrodes, by building a plant just 15 kilometers south of Fukushima.

  • Ex Apple CEO's low-cost phone business  Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014 | 5:45 AM ET

    Former CEO of Apple, John Sculley says that his new business is launching an affordable smartphone called Obi Mobiles, which will bring "great design" and "good marketing" to younger audiences who want low cost smartphones.

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