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  • Pisani: Looking for a trifecta  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:58 PM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani is watching the S&P 500, Russell 2000 and Mid Cap Index as they all are flirting with record highs.

  • Keep your eye on an ISM bounce back: Darst  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:45 PM ET

    Discussing how long the bull market will run, with David Darst, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management senior advisor, Joseph Quinlan, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management chief market strategist.

  • CalPERS CIO Joe Dear dies of cancer at 62  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:44 PM ET

    CalPERS CIO and a regular guest on CNBC, Joe Dear has lost his battle with prostate cancer and died at the age of 62. Dear is credited with rebuilding the biggest U.S. public pension after a $96 billion loss.

  • S&P revised: Economy is dependable and growing  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:30 PM ET

    Jeffrey Saut, Raymond James chief investment strategist, and Scott Wren, Wells Fargo Advisors senior equity strategist, discuss why Wells Fargo revised their year-end S&P forecast and where the index is likely to go from here.

  • Tesla: An energy play or an auto play?  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:27 PM ET

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau and Cole Wilcox of Longboard Asset Management debate what kind of company Tesla is and if investors should be paying such high premiums at this stage.

  • The lithium trade  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:25 PM ET

    Tesla is planning to build a massive "Gigafactory" in the U.S. to produce batteries to fuel its Model S. CNBC's Morgan Brennan reports how this will affect the current manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries and who benefits.

  • Taxes in 25 years: Consumption vs income based  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:16 PM ET

    Is income tax ending as we know it? CNBC's John Harwood looks ahead at the prospective changes to the tax system Americans could be facing 25 years from now.

  • Closing Bell Exchange: Tapering the taper  Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 3:02 PM ET

    Discussing Janet Yellen's testimony, Fed policy and Ukraine's influence on the U.S. economy, with Heather Hughes, SunAmerica Funds; Greg Ip, The Economist; John Doyle, Tempus; and CNBC's Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli.

  • SEC no longer investigating JCP  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:53 PM ET

    CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports the SEC is not recommending any action after its investigation of JC Penney.

  • CNBC.com hot list: Housing 'nirvana'  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:46 PM ET

    CNBC.com Managing Editor Allen Wastler reports the richest U.S neighborhoods, a "housing nirvana," and the easiest way to stock gains are the hottest topics among CNBC.com readers.

  • eHealth CEO on 'exchanges'  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:46 PM ET

    Gary Lauer, eHealth CEO, discusses mobile and tablet integration on exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. CNBC's Scott Cohn, Nathan Bachrach of the Financial Network Group; and Herb Greenberg, weigh in.

  • Bill Cohen: In Russia's interest to see stable Ukraine  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:36 PM ET

    Former Defense Secretary William Cohen weighs in on the "serious" situation in Ukraine. Cohen says it is in Russia's interest to cooperate and see a stable Ukraine.

  • Russia tests battle readiness  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:35 PM ET

    NBC's Andrea Mitchell spoke with Secretary of State John Kerry about Vladimir Putin's orders to put the military to test its readiness.

  • Offshore tax evasion hearing  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:23 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood provides details of the Senate panel hearing in Washington Wednesday on offshore tax evasion, in which Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan testified.

  • Bottom-up stock pickers market: Calamos  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:17 PM ET

    Discussing current market conditions, and how much more stocks could rally in 2014, with John P. Calamos, Sr., CEO of Calamos Asset Management.

  • JC Penney got to get margin up: Analyst  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:05 PM ET

    JC Penney is reporting a Q4 loss of ($0.68) on revenue of $3.78 billion. Paul Swinand, Morningstar equity analyst, weighs in.

  • JC Penney sees Q1 comps up 3-5%  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:04 PM ET

    JC Penney is reporting a Q4 loss of ($0.68) on revenue of $3.78 billion, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan. Guidance is for growth of 3 to 5 percent.

  • JC Penney sees Q1 comps up 3-5%  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 4:04 PM ET

    JC Penney is reporting a Q4 loss of ($0.68) on revenue of $3.78 billion, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

  • Traders are watching Ukraine: Pro  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 3:58 PM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani and Alan Valdes, DME Securities, discuss today's end-of-day sell off and the influence of the Ukraine situation on the U.S. economy.

  • A lot of reasons to like this market: Strategist  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 3:50 PM ET

    Discussing the "froth" in the tech sector and what it will take for the stock market to close at an all-time high, with David Nelson, Belpointe Asset Management chief strategist.

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