Geoff Cutmore

Anchor, CNBC

Geoff Cutmore anchors CNBC's flagship "Squawk Box " programme in EMEA.

The three-hour show, which broadcasts worldwide five days a week, bookends the opening of European equity markets and is a must-see for financial professionals, C-suite executives and investors.

Cutmore is one of CNBC's most experienced presenters, with more than 15 years dedicated to financial broadcasting. He has anchored programmes for CNBC in both Europe and Asia, having spent a number of years working in Hong Kong.

Cutmore covers the most important senior business gatherings for CNBC including the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos and China and the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where he has interviewed the world's top CEOs, economists and political leaders. He has reported on the most important issues facing the global economy today and has also led special programming on Central and Eastern Europe, climate change and the global energy challenge.

Cutmore is a contributor to business and finance magazines including the Economist, Investors Chronicle and Money Market. His first book on the markets, "New Market Mavericks," was well-received.


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  • Cutmore anchors CNBC’s flagship "Squawk Box" in EMEA; the three-hour show bookends the opening of European equity markets.

  • Based in London, Tso co-anchors CNBC flagship show in EMEA, Squawk Box, a show that sets the news agenda every trading day.

  • Sedgwick co-anchors CNBC's flagship program "Squawk Box" (Europe) and is also CNBC's OPEC reporter covering major meetings.