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  • A more dovish Fed will soothe markets: Citi     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 7:32 PM ET

    If the Fed steers its forward guidance towards a more dovish direction, markets will see less volatility, says Todd Elmer, Currency Strategist at Citi.

  • No Lehman-style credit event in China: DBS     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 7:15 PM ET

    Lim Say Boon, Chief Investment Officer at DBS Private Bank, explains why investors should not brush off China's recent corporate debt defaults.

  • Copper's slump will be short-lived: Expert     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:52 PM ET

    Barry Dawes, Head of Resources at Paradigm Securities, attributes copper's recent declines to "market noise," and explains why demand will boost the metal going forward.

  • Why Yellen will maintain unemployment focus     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:41 PM ET

    Robert Heller, Former U.S Federal Reserve Governor, explains why Fed chair Janet Yellen will likely keep her attention on the U.S. labor market instead of inflation.

  • Will the Fed change its forward guidance?     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:35 PM ET

    Robert Heller, Former U.S Federal Reserve Governor, expects the Fed to announce that it will plan to keep interest rates low until economic conditions improve.

  • This instrument has been misleading investors     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:22 PM ET

    Jack Bouroudjian, Chief Investment Officer at Index Financial Partners, explains why bond prices have been causing confusion for the past five years.

  • Are investors misreading Ukraine?     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:17 PM ET

    Jack Bouroudjian, Chief Investment Officer at Index Financial Partners, discusses why equity markets are rallying despite ongoing instability in the Crimean peninsula.

  • Fresh signs of China's financial stress     Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 | 6:06 PM ET

    Reports of a default by Zhejiang Xingrun Real Estate has sparked renewed concerns about China's property market. CNBC's Deirdre Wang Morris has more.

  • Slow data on MH370 is disturbing: Pro     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 8:53 PM ET

    Hans Weber, President of Tecop International, says the slow release of data about the missing jet could be due to countries refusing to release information.

  • El-Erian joins Twitter     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 8:48 PM ET

    Just days after his exit from Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian has joined Twitter, garnering thousands of followers in just a few hours. CNBC's Julia Wood reports.

  • DBS: We got a good deal on SocGen unit     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 8:32 PM ET

    Tan Su Shan, MD & Group Head of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management at DBS, discusses the bank's decision to buy Societe Generale's Asian private banking business.

  • This is going to take stocks higher...     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 8:22 PM ET

    Improved economic data later this year will see U.S. firms raise capital spending, which could lift equities higher, says Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist at Nuveen Asset Management.

  • Bob Doll: Remain overweight on equities     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 8:14 PM ET

    Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, says jitters from Ukraine and China will subside eventually and equities will get a boost from positive U.S. manufacturing data.

  • China faces a 'policy trilemma': S&P     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 7:53 PM ET

    Paul Gruenwald, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Standard and Poor's Ratings Services, says China won't be able to achieve 7.5 percent growth while boosting consumption and managing its current account surplus.

  • With Chinese citizens getting wealthier and eating more meat, food companies like Cargill are tweaking their business models for China. CNBC's Eunice Yoon has more.

  • See euro at $1.40 against greenback: Westpac     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 7:30 PM ET

    Sean Callow, Senior Currency Strategist at Westpac Bank, expects the euro to hold near $1.40 until the European Central Bank takes action to depreciate the currency.

  • When will the Fed raise interest rates?     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 7:21 PM ET

    Paul Gruenwald, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Standard and Poor's Ratings Services, expects the U.S. central bank to start raising rates in the second half of 2015.

  • Wheat prices hit amid Russia-Ukraine tension     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 6:48 PM ET

    Tom Price, Global Commodity Analyst at UBS, discusses the broad impact on commodities if Russia and Ukraine don't reach a resolution.

  • US data will improve in the spring: Moody's     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 6:35 PM ET

    Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody's Analyrics, attributes the recent U.S. slowdown to extreme weather and expects the economy to pick up later this year.

  • Stocks are the best place to be: Pro     Monday, 17 Mar 2014 | 6:24 PM ET

    Erik Ristuben, Chief Investment Strategist at Russell Investments, explains why he still favors equities over bonds or cash.

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